DWP UB Held Talkshow on Personality Recognition Training

The character of the leader in an organization becomes a benchmark for the creativity and harmony of an organization. One of the factors that influence creative performance is personality. This wants to be optimized by Dharma Wanita Persatuan Universitas Brawijaya (DWP UB) by holding a “Talkshow about Personality” event with the speaker, Dyah Rani Ayu, M.Psi, Friday (3/9/2021) in the Hall of G Building, 2nd Floor, Faculty of Computer Science.

This talkshow was attended by the newly inaugurated Chair of the DWP Faculty as well as the chairof the previous period. In the process of regenerating the Chair of the DWP Faculty, who is relatively young, this event can be a provision for the DWP Chair to develop and strengthen her personality as stated by the Chair of DWP UB, Dr. Sri Winarsih Nuhfil Hanani in her speech.

“There are several leadership models including charismatic, transactional and transformational models, but the most important of all leadership models is how the leader’s character is to communicate or convey messages to members so that the organizational atmosphere becomes more conducive, hence the leadership personality is the key,” explained Dr. Sri Winarsih.

This is reinforced by Dyah Ayu in providing material about personality. She explained the importance of knowing oneself which has been very difficult for individuals to do. Dyah explained that we often say other people’s strengths when what we say are their weaknesses, but we say or package them into advantages.

“That is what we do not realize will be boomerang on us and will affect the performance of your organization since you are the top leader. So self-recognition and character development of leaders are important things for the heads of the central DWP UB and faculties,” added Dyah Ayu.

She explained that there are 10 ideal leader characters, namely Smart, Independent, Assertive, Responsible, Trustworthy, Honest and Fair, Humble, High Empathy, Communicative, Positive Personality, and Healthy Mental Body.

In addition to providing material, Dyah Ayu and the team also held mini games for participants with the aim of increasing self-confidence and exploring the potential of the participants’ personalities.[dp/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]