Supporting the Improvement of Health Service, Yogyakarta City Government Collaborates with UB

Brawijaya University continues to be committed to supporting efforts to equalize, distribute and improve health services throughout Indonesia, especially in the field of specialist medical services. To bridge this need, Brawijaya University, through the Special Envoy Education Program (PPUK) which is owned by the Faculty of Medicine, Brawijaya University (FKUB) in collaboration with the Regional Government, is also supporting the government’s efforts to accelerate the workforce of Specialist Doctors.

Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between UB and the Yogyakarta City Government

This time, Brawijaya University (UB) marked the collaboration with the Yogyakarta City Government through the ceremonial signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between UB Rector, the Dean of UB Faculty of Medicine, and the Acting Mayor of Yogyakarta, which was held in the Banquet Room, 6th Floor of Brawijaya University’s Rectorate Building. The signing of this collaboration took place between the Rector of UB and the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and the Acting Mayor of Yogyakarta.

Rector of Brawijaya University, Prof. Widodo, SSi., MSi., Ph.D., Med. Sc. welcomes the collaboration between UB and Yogyakarta City Government. “Alhamdulillah, we also have good cooperation with Yogyakarta City Government, at Brawijaya University we already have 184 study programs and almost all scientific knowledge is at Brawijaya University. We are always committed to continuing to improve quality, we also continue to improve research and no less important, we also continue to improve Community Service,” he said.

He also mentioned the almost complete knowledge in the health sector at UB. “In addition to Medicine, we also have Nursing, Nutrition, Midwifery and Pharmacy Study Programs. However, the largest of the many faculties at Brawijaya University is the Faculty of Medicine, which contains 4 departments and 30 study programs, where in the specialist and sub-specialist medical departments there are around (20 study programs) in FKUB,” added the man who once served as Dean at FMIPA.

UB Rector and Acting Mayor of Yogyakarta

According to Singgih Raharjo S.H., M.Ed. as Acting Mayor of Yogyakarta, Malang City and Yogyakarta City have many similarities. “The similarity between the cities of Malang and Yogyakarta is that they are both concerned with the world of education, where Brawijaya as the King in Malang and the Patih Gadjah Mada is in the City of Yogyakarta which is also the forerunner of the UGM campus and is followed by many universities and other institutions,” he explained.

The choice of UB as a destination for continuing studies for local students, according to Singgih, is a manifestation of Yogyakarta City Government’s commitment. “This is a form of our commitment to provide opportunities for local youth to continue their studies in specialist medicine at FKUB and later be able to serve and support us in realizing improvements in specialist medical services in Yogya City,” said this UII Yogya alumnus.

“This is a form of our commitment to providing the best health services in the city of Yogyakarta. We still have a large shortage of human resources in the field of specialist medicine, and from the many providers of specialist medical education in Indonesia, our choice fell on Brawijaya University, and Alhamdulillah, our application was welcomed by Brawijaya University, so there was no unrequited,” he joked.

From this agreement, both parties hope that this program collaboration can run well and continue to be sustainable. “So that we can produce specialist doctors who are ready to provide the best service for the people of Yogyakarta,” he concluded. (Anang/VQ/ UB PR/ Trans. Iir)