Two Weeks at the University of Malaya, This is the Excitement Story of Communication Science Students

A total of 12 UB Communication Science students had the opportunity to take part in a student exchange program at the University of Malaya, from 26 February – 8 March 2024.

Three of them, namely Laurentia Oktaloina Br. Barus, Aisyah Dyah Maharani, and Samuel Leonardo Wilson. They shared glimpses of their experiences while being elected student delegates.

They admitted that they were interested in this program from the start. This opportunity to study seems to be suitable for their potential.

“So, for future friends who are interested in taking part in the same activity, it is important to first determine what useful things you actually want to do,” said Samuel, Tuesday (6/3/2024).

Because this opportunity cannot be achieved easily, the three of them admitted that they were happy while taking part in the student exchange program. There are many unique things to learn together besides studying there, for example educational visits to Malacca, KLCC, and temples in Malaysia.

“While we were here, we were also accompanied by ‘buddies’ from the Global Network Club at UM, while walking around and being introduced to many things about Malaysia and UM, it was really exciting,” added Aisyah on the same occasion.

Even more amazing thing is that lectures were also held that discussed Indonesia’s socio-political conditions. They also highlight the varied and exciting lecture learning methods in Malaysia in their respective stories.

“If it’s my advice, for everyone, just try it first! It may sound cliché, but if I didn’t feel good enough, I probably wouldn’t have known that I would have the opportunity to participate in this extraordinary program,” said Lauren. (Alifia/FISIP PR/OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir)