Two Laboratory Assistants Win Achievements in International Stage

Photo of FP Laboratory Assistant: M. Taufik Hidayat (left) and Istaniyah HudaLaboran (right)

Two laboratory Assistants from the Department of Plant Pests and Diseases (HPT) and the Department of Soil, Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Brawijaya (UB), Istaniyah HudaLaboran and M. Taufik Hidayat, won silver and bronze medals in the laboratory innovation category at the ‘2nd International Laboratory Innovation Seminar 2024’ in Universiti Malaysia Terengganu, Malaysia, which taken place on (6/5-7/5/2024).

Istaniyah Huda managed to get a silver medal with her paper presentation entitled “Technology for Controlling the Growth of Pathogenic Bacteria with Beetroot (Beta vulgaris L) in Vitro.”

In her presentation, Istaniyah discussed the use of Beetroot (Beta vulgaris L) in controlling the growth of pathogenic bacteria in vitro. This method shows promising results in dealing with the problem of pathogenic bacteria in plants, which is often cause large losses in agriculture.

Meanwhile, M. Taufik Hidayat won a bronze medal with a paper entitled “Multidimensional Scale (MDS) Analysis for Assessing Automatic Irrigation Practical Media in the Smart Greenhouse of the Faculty of Agriculture, Brawijaya University.”

The paper made discusses the use of Multidimensional Scale (MDS) analysis in evaluating automatic irrigation practicum media in Smart Greenhouse. This method provides a more holistic and in-depth measurement of the quality of practicum media, enabling increased efficiency and effectiveness in student learning in the agricultural sector.

These two innovations brought by Istaniyah and Taufik not only contribute to the development of science and technology in the agricultural sector, but also show the great potential of laboratory personnel in producing innovations that have a broad impact. With this achievement, UB has further strengthened its position as a center for research and innovation which plays a role in advancing the agricultural sector. (zma/oky/UB PR/ Trans. Iir)