Two FH Delegation Wins KKTI Andalas Competition VI Cup at Andalas University

UB FH Delegation who took part in ALCOM at Andalas University FH on 7 October 2023 | Photo: Juan

Two student delegations from the Faculty of Law, Universitas Brawijaya (FH UB) took part in the KKTI Andalas Competition VI (ALCOM) competition organized by the Legal Debate and Writing Club, Faculty of Law, Andalas University. The two delegations are Mawar Team and Kemuning Team. Each delegation consisted of three people, so that in the competition there were six FH UB students who went to Andalas University.

Andalas Competition VI is one of the best national legal competitions that law faculty students from all over Indonesia can take part in. In this competition, participants will express their ideas in the form of scientific papers on actual legal issues. This year ALCOM VI raised the competition theme “Reactualizing Contemporary Indonesian Constitution in Creating a Legal State Based on Pancasila”.

FH delegation from Mawar Team consisting of Ahmad Rayhan Thoha (2021), M. Daffa Alfandy (2020), and Amira Wahyudi (2021) raised the idea of a scientific paper entitled “Rulemaking Intelligence Concept (RIC): Model for Forming Laws Electronically In the Context of Strengthening Meaningful Public Participation,” Mawar Team succeeded in making an achievement by getting second place.

Mawar Team from FH UB won the First Place in ALCOM 2023 | Photo: Thoha

The second delegation named Team Kemuning, consisting of Muhammad Effendi Sidik (2021), Juan Pratama (2021), and Ferio Ivan Mulyono (2022), completed Team Mawar’s victory, succeeding in getting third place with the idea of a scientific paper entitled “Legislative Management: Governance Reformulation Formation of Laws Using the Omnibus Law Method as an Effort to Simplify Regulations.”

The ALCOM series starts from 9 July 2023 to 7 October 2023. The first series begins with the registration and file collection period on 9 – 23 August 2023. Then it continues with the preliminary round judging stage on 28 August – 15 September 2023 where the results are announced by 5 delegates as finalist for offline presentation on 7 – 8 October 2023.

Apart from FH UB delegation who won second and third place, in this competition first place was won by Surakarta State University (UNS).

Kemuning Team from FH UB won the Third Place in ALCOM 2023 | Photo: Juan

Apart from taking part in the competition, the delegation members also took part in a National Seminar which presented Prof. Saldi Isra as Constitutional Judge, Constitutional Court.

While participating in the competition, FH students gained extraordinary experiences and stories. One of Mawar Team members, Thoha, said that to be able to take part in the ALCOM VI competition, you have to travel a very long way because you have to leave from Malang by land. Even though the journey was long, according to Thoha, all members of the delegation enjoyed the trip because they could see various beautiful and enjoyable views.

“The obstacle we encountered in running ALCOM 2023 competition was that the distance was quite far from Malang to Padang, so the journey that had to be taken was quite long and difficult, but yes, we enjoyed the trip because the scenery was beautiful,” said Thoha, who is the Head of Mawar Team Delegation.

Effendi conveyed a similar thing, according to him, during the preparation of the competition script, there were no significant obstacles, because according to him, when there were obstacles, they were resolved well by all members.

“So far we have not encountered any significant obstacles in preparing the KKTI file yesterday. “The existence of good teamwork means that all the obstacles we encounter can be overcome,” said Effendi Sidik.

After participating in ALCOM competition at Andalas University, Thoha as the representative of FH UB delegation advised students, especially FH students, not to be afraid to try new things.

According to him, by trying and taking advantage of opportunities to gain new experiences, you will be able to get extraordinary experiences.

“For FH friends, don’t hesitate to try new things because experience doesn’t come twice,” said Thoha.

Effendi added, even though the Delegation Team had to travel a long way from Malang to Padang, nothing was impossible to achieve if they continued to work hard.

“Reflecting on our long journey (from Malang) to get to Padang, nothing is impossible if we are serious about doing something, whether for competitions or other tasks,” added Effendi. (Zaki/Bayu/Rma/FH PR/UB PR/ Trans. Iir)