DTI Socialize Cyber Incident Handling in Higher Education

Directorate of Information Technology, Unversitas Brawijaya (DTI UB) in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Culture and the National Cyber Crypto Agency (BSSN) held a socialization and governance workshop Manage the Handling of Higher Education Cyber Incidents to prepare the young generation to face advances in Artificial Intelligence and Digital Technology, Monday (29/5/2023) at UB Guest House.

Director of the Directorate of Information Technology Dr. Raden Arief Setyawan, ST., MT. as the chairman of the organizer said Security is the most important parameter in this technological era

Vice Rector for Planning, Cooperation and Internationalization of UB, Andi Kurniawan, S.Pi., M.Eng., D.Sc, predicts that in ten years there will be a lot of work involving AI and Digital Technology.

“In the problems we honestly convey on behalf of Indonesia, the existing curriculum in Indonesian tertiary institutions is still not prepared for this even though in the future our children will be faced with an era where their ability to adapt to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Digital Technology,” said Andi Kurniawan

He added that there is an opacity of information that is happening on social media today.

“One thing we are sure of is that the lies that continue to be echoed will be believed to be the truth and the problem now is with the vast amount of information on social media we don’t even know which ones are lies and which ones are real, and we can’t imagine what will happen in this country, the future our children, on the one hand we have not prepared them in detail while mitigating security attacks that we cannot avoid anymore,” he continued.

Speakers and participants take photos together before the event starts

Andi hopes for requests for cooperation and guidance from BSSN, because UB is trying to format itself as an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Digital Campus which is the first step of a big step to welcome a new era, not only for UB but preparing Indonesia to go to the Golden Year 2045 ” said Andi Kurniawan.

Director of Cyber Security and Code for Human Development BSSN Giyanto Awan Sularso S. Kom., MM. said that currently the community is inseparable from the use of information technology, but unfortunately it has not been accompanied by awareness of the importance of security.

It should be noted that based on reports from the monitoring center in 2022 there will be almost 1 billion Traffic Anomalies, which are dominated by 50% -60% malware. In addition, it is feared that in early 2023 the head of the BSSN will convey a trend of cyber malware attacks, social engineering, and Bright Data.

Giyanto explained that actually Universitas Brawijaya is ready to become a cyber incident response team

“If we look at several incidents from 2023 to now, predictions have proven that there will be Bright Data, Ransomware and websites infiltrated, especially government websites including Higher Education websites by online gambling sites and become joint PR, hopefully with the formation of this cyber incident team there are many things we can do to make coordination easier for mitigation to be more focused and faster.

He also hopes that the opportunity for this workshop can be put to good use, it is also hoped that coordination and collaboration between stakeholders will be better between Universities, Industry, and the government, “he said.

“Cybersecurity is a joint matter, a joint obligatory matter, not just one party’s business and hopefully this activity will be useful for increasing the maturity of cybersecurity in the education sector in particular, the maturity and security of Indonesia’s cybersecurity in general,” said Giyanto Awan.

This activity was attended by around 100 participants, consisting of representatives from UB’s IT and Public Relations Infrastructure Management Information System (PSIK), and several representatives from Airlangga University Surabaya, Malang State University, Malang State Polytechnic, UIN Malang, Muhammadiyah University Malang, Kanjuruhan University Malang, Gajayana University, and the ASIA Institute. [wdd/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]