DPKA Conducts Tracer Study to Trace Three Years Back Graduates

The Directorate of Career and Alumni Development (DPKA) from (27/4/2023) until the end of 2023 will carry out a Tracer Study to find information on the dynamics and transitions to the world of work for alumni.

UB’s Tracer Study in 2023 has a target to track graduates in the past three years.

Head of Alumni and Tracer Study Subdirectorate, Ir. Adam Hendra Brata, S.Kom., M.T., M.Sc. as the head of the implementing committee said that UB’s Tracer Study activity in 2023 would use several survey stages for alumni which were divided based on the time of graduation.

“Alumni who graduate in 2023 will be given an Exit Survey when they have just graduated with the aim of asking for an assessment of UB’s facilities provided while studying at UB. Six months after they graduate, the 2023 alumni will continue to fill in the Pre Tracer Study which aims to obtain information on career transitions from college to the world of work within a few months after graduation,” he said.

He added that alumni who graduate in 2022 will be asked to complete a Tracer Study one which aims to obtain information on main activities after one year of graduation.

Whereas, alumni who graduate in 2021 will be asked to complete a Tracer Study two which aims to obtain information on dynamics in the world of work or dynamics of activity after graduation within two years.

Display of tracer study questionnaire entries at SINATRA

In the last few years, UB has managed to collect data from thousands of graduates who have worked, started businesses, and continued their education in various sectors.

The collected data will be analyzed by a team formed by the university and faculty to find out the current dynamics of the world of work.

The results of this tracer study data collection will be used for the benefit of UB and the security of the data is only for use within UB as an evaluation material for quality and service improvement.

Meanwhile, the Director of the Directorate of Career and Alumni Development, Karuniawan Puji Wicaksono, SP., MP., Ph.D. as the person in charge of implementing the Tracer Study said that tracer study activities are very important to determine the success of graduates in absorbing the knowledge and skills that have been acquired during college. In addition, tracer studies can also provide an overview of the readiness of graduates to face the world of work.

“The results of this tracer study will later be used as one of the indicators for higher education institutions ranking. One of UB’s rankings can be seen from the quality of its graduates from the results of this tracer study. Every year, UB reports its performance results by reporting Main Performance Indicators (IKU) to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (KEMENDIKBUDRISTEK). Tracer studies are input for Iku point 1 which reads Graduates Get Decent Jobs. We hope that UB graduates can continue to be successful in this tracer study activity because all of these efforts are for the advancement of UB,” said Karuniawan Puji Wicaksono, SP., MP., Ph.D.

A Staff of the Directorate of Career and Alumni Development is Conducting Alumni Data Collection

Tracer Study is conducted as a form of evaluation to the quality of education that has been given by UB to its students.

This activity is intended to solicit input and feedback from alumni as a basis for evaluating curriculum in each study program and improving UB’s services in general.

It is hoped that the results of this tracer study activity can provide great benefits for Universitas Brawijaya and its graduates in improving the quality of education and career development.

Alumni can succeed in the 2023 UB Tracer Study activities by filling out a tracer study questionnaire in the Alumni and Tracer Study Information System (SINATRA) which can be accessed at https://sinatra.ub.ac.id/. Alumni can also see videos about the implementation of UB’s Tracer Study on the official channel of Universitas Brawijaya via the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrmm-H6SIgY and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= 9txQoTrBOVs.



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