UB Lecturer Do Roleplay of Becoming Sexual Violence Counselor

UB Academic Supervisor Lecturers do roleplay of becoming Counselors

Academic Supervisor Lecturers (PA) UB do a roleplay to become a counselor for sexual violence and bullying. This activity is a part of Guidance and Counseling Training held by UB Counseling Center, Prevention of Sexual Violence and Bullying, Monday-Thursday (20-22/6/2022).

Roleplay is assisted by 36 students who become counselees. In the first session, PA lecturers practice being a counselor with students. Furthermore, for the evaluation of the facilitator, these students were asked to express their experiences during the roleplay and evaluate the course of the roleplay counseling process that they had undergone.

“Evaluation from students is needed so that participants get input about their skills in counseling and understand counseling from the student’s point of view,” said the Head of Counseling Center, Prevention of Sexual Violence and Bullying UB, Ulifa Rahma, M. Psi, Psychologist.

Ulifa said, the purpose of this training is for academic supervisors to have the knowledge and skills to conduct counseling to students to help students solve psychological problems that affect academic problems and ultimately help students to develop in academic, non-academic potential and be able to graduate on time.

Batch 1 training on 20-21 June 2022 was opened by the Director of Student Affairs, Dr. Agung Pramana Warih Marhendra, M.Sc. Meanwhile, for the second batch of training on 21-22 June 2022, the Vice Rector for Student Affairs, Prof. Dr. Abdul Hakim, M.Si. The presenter of the first day of training, dr. Frilya Rachma Putri, Sp.KJ(K) discussed the importance of students’ mental health and the role of PA lecturers in improving mental health. Next, Dr. Dr. Ika Widyarini, MLHR, Psychologist and Yunita Kurniawati, M. Psi, Psychologist discussing the introduction of PA Lecturers, limits of action and PA referrals and the introduction of counseling, and Ulifa Rahma, M. Psi, a psychologist who discussed micro skills, stages and examples of counseling guidance to the PA lecturer. [student affairs/siti-rahma/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]