UB Lecturer Wins Pancasila Achieved People Award 2023

Pancasila Ideology Development Agency (BPIP) is holding the 2023 Pancasila Achievement Icon Awarding activity which is given to icons and people, both individuals and communities who have a good track record, have achievements and inspiring innovative work that is recognized by society, and make the nation and state proud.

The 2023 Pancasila Achievement Icons and People were awarded at Merdeka Building, Bandung (Saturday, 9/9/2023). One of these prestigious awards was given to FMIPA lecturer at Universitas Brawijaya (UB) Prof.Dr.rer.nat.Drs. Muhammad Nurhuda as Pancasila Achieved People in 2023.

Nurhuda is considered to have a good track record, has inspirational achievements and innovative work, and is beneficial to the wider community, especially in the face of the elimination of LPG subsidies which has resulted in the price becoming more expensive.

One of Nurhuda’s inspiring works is a biomass-fueled stove (without making charcoal) in the form of raw biomass such as wood chips, palm shells, candlenut shells or processed products such as biomass briquettes or biomass pellets.

The benefits of this stove created by Nurhuda have been felt by the people of Indonesia and even abroad.

“Hopefully this work will be useful for the wider community, especially in the future when LPG subsidies are removed and it becomes very expensive for the lower middle class,” said Nurhuda.

He admitted that he received this award because he was invited by BPIP, without submitting a proposal. The jury makes judgments based on information circulating in the community. Nurhuda is happy and proud to receive this award to raise UB’s name.

This is the second time in 2023 that Nurhuda has received an award at the national level. The first was given by the National Innovation Research Power (DRIN) which is an amalgamation of the National Research Council (DRN) in commemoration of World Creativity and Innovation Day on May 20 2023, while the second was by BPIP on September 9 2023.

After the awarding of the Pancasila Achieved People, BPIP activities continued with the Pancasila Carnival along Asia Afrika Street, Bandung starting in front of the Grand Preanger Hotel and ending at Soekarno street, Bandung. [pon/UB PR/Trans. Iir]