UB Lecturer Identifies BUMDesa Problems of Tribuana

Village-Owned Enterprise (BUMDesa) is able to improve the welfare of rural communities, if it is managed optimally. Helping to map the potential for the village, a lecturer at the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Brawijaya held a discussion with the BUMDes of Tribuana, in Mojokerto.

This activity was held on Saturday (16/11) by Eddy Suprapto S.E., M.E assisted by Shofwan as moderator. With the participants of BUMDes management, this focused discussion purposes to identify the economic potential of the village. “The aim is to reorganize village development, and it is hoped that it can create the welfare of the residents of Klintirejo village in particular,” said Eddy.

BUMDesa Tribuana is expected to become the backbone of the village economy. But unfortunately, there are still some obstacles, such as limited capacity and skills of administrators as pioneers of village economic development.

Several proposals were put forward to overcome these problems, for example increasing the capability and quality of BUMDes management by training on business organization, cooperation strategies with partners and so on.

This discussion resulted in a conclusion, namely, the key success of f village economic potential identification and institutional development of BUMDes can be achieved through harmonious cooperation between village officials and BUMDes administrators. “Mutual understanding and more open communication can be a solution for the development of Tribuana BUMDes,” he concluded. [Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]