UB Lecturers Assist Natuna to Become Developing Village

Doctoral Service Team (DM) and Thematic KKN Assist Pengadah Village, Natuna, since 2018

Lecturers of Universitas Brawiaya (UB) provide assistance to Pengadah Village, Natuna Regency, until its status changes from Very Disadvantaged Village to Developing Village. This service is carried out through the Doctoral Service (DM) program and the Thematic KKN– Research Institute and Community Service (LPPM) from 2018 to 2022 continuously.

The Doctoral Service Team consists of Dr. Ir. Mohammad Mahmudi, M.S, Dr. Ir. Atiek Iriany, M.S, Agung Sugeng Widodo S.T., MT., Ph.D, Dr. Ir. Susinggih Wijana, M.S, Dr. Abdul Madjid, S.H., M. Hum, and Moh. Ridlo Mahmudi.

Dr. Ir. Atiek Iriany, M.S said that the population in Pengadah village, Northeast Bunguran District, Natuna Regency, is 556 people with 171 families. The majority of local people work as fishermen and farmers depending on the season. In 2017, this village had the status of a Very Disadvantaged Village based on the Village Development Index (IDM) of the Ministry of Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Regions, and Transmigration (Kemendesa PDTT).

“In addition, this border area is also a national issue that requires the presence of various stakeholders including universities in developing regional potential, both for natural resources and human resources. Therefore, assistance is carried out in this village, “explained Atiek.

Various activities were carried out during the mentoring of Pengadah village. In the first year, the DM team observed and mapped the potential of natural resources and human resources. Meanwhile, in the second year, village superior products were initiated.

“At the initiation of this village’s flagship product, the Natuna batik industry received more attention from Pengadah village government and Natuna Regency local government, which in turn became the DM team’s goal, namely ‘Empowering Batik Pengadah Tourism Village’,” explained the Statistics FMIPA lecturer.

The DM team also provided training on other flagship village products, such as the making of fish crackers, banana chips, sweet potato chips, and the main seafood product, anchovies.

In the tourism sector, Natuna Regency has 179 tourist destinations ranging from beaches, waterfalls, mountains, and historical sites. However, access constraints such as the high cost of transportation and airline tickets are obstacles for tourists. Therefore, the DM team formed a Tourism Awareness Group (POKDARWIS), and assisted Village Regulations (Perdes) on Tourism Village Management.

Furthermore, assistance is carried out for the marketing of flagship products, institutional strengthening and legality of flagship village products, as well as the Economic Branding Strategy of tourist destinations.

“Through these various trainings and mentoring, in 2020 the status of Pengadah Village changed from a Very Disadvantaged Village to a Developing Village. In addition, Pengadah Village is one of the Tourism Villages that has been determined by Regent Regulation No. 203,” she said.

Atirk also explained that there was an increase in the economy of rural communities through various flagship products, and is currently in the stage of making a blueprint for a tourist village for Mangrove Tourism, Tanjung Datuk Geosite, and Goa Kamak Geosite.

This activity also involves UB students through the Thematic –KKN program.

“Every year there are four Thematic-KKN students who are given a briefing before going on the field to Natuna for one month,” she said.

Currently, the DM team is proposing a Matching Fund program with Air Lengit Village Partners, Natuna Regency in assisting herbal plant-based agro-tourism and inland fisheries. [Irene/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]