UB Sociology Lecturer Releases Media and Disaster Book

Dr. Mondry, SP., M.Sos., Sociology Lecturer of FISIP UB

Dr. Mondry, SP., M.Sos., a lecturer of Sociology FISIP UB published his new book entitled Media and Disaster.

This book was written on the basis that the mass media must take an attitude towards issues related to the environment and disasters, considering the large role it plays in today’s society.

“When the media wants to focus on one point, in this case about the environment and disasters issue, my hope is that the mass media can become a teacher who comes to the community at any time until the people are good at certain things, especially in terms of environment and disasters,” he said, Friday ( 31/3/2023).

“Because our country is prone to disasters, but on the other hand, a lot of our nature has been disturbed,” he continued.

Through his fifth book, Dr. Mondry also inserts scientific data regarding the current environmental damage. It is hoped that from this book, the mass media in Indonesia will pay more attention to environmental and disaster issues.

The goal is for the public to have knowledge and awareness about caring for the natural environment to disaster mitigation without leaving other topics (such as politics, economics, entertainment, and others).

“As a former media person, I would like to invite the public and especially the mass media to take part there, and InshaAllah, if previously there was an opinion that environmental and disaster news was not selling well, if it is focused properly then the market share will exist on its own. Apart from sustenance in the form of money, it can also be in the form of a reward if it is intended to be because of it,” added Dr. Mondry.

Previously, Dr. Mondry wrote several books, including Understanding Theory and Practice of Journalism, Qualitative Research Methodology and Mass Media Communication in Development. (Alif/Humas FISIP/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)