FTP Lecturer Fosters the SME ‘Crispy Mendol’

Malang Regency is one of the regencies that has potential for development in the agricultural sector with several superior commodities, including cassava, sweet potatoes, jackfruit and tomatoes which are widely cultivated.

In the effort to utilize these local raw materials as food, it is necessary to have activities that can utilize or process the results properly in order to create new products that have added value so that they can improve people’s living standards.

One of the SMEs that use local raw materials processing is UKM FIRMAN SK with processed products of crispy diced cassava, crispy mendol, jackfruit seed chips and date tomatoes under the brand of “KAHURIPAN”.

Crispy diced cassava, crispy mendol and jackfruit seed chips are processed products with a vacuum frying process with a production capacity of 10-14 kg of finished product per week which are currently carried out in turns using 1 Vacuum Frying tool of 3-5 times of production so that from the effectiveness of production, it cannot be maximum.

Another Malang product development innovation is Mendol Crispy which is made from seasoned fermented soybean with a slightly spicy savory taste. In addition to crispy mendol, the SME also innovate candied date tomato products (tomkur), which is sweets made from tomatoes that have undergone a processing so that it will increase the lycopene content in it. Currently, the capacity of tomkur reaches 30 kg per day to 7.5 kg of product (25% yield).

Through the Community Partnership Program (PKM) funded by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education and LPPM Universitas Brawijaya in 2021, Wendra G Rohmah, STP, MP, together with Dr. Evi Kurniati, STP, MT and Dr. Siti Asmaul Mustaniroh, STP, MP provides the right solution through the appropriate technology for Vacuum Fryer and Cabinet Dryer Oven that is easily adopted by SME partner. “Through the facilitation of the Vaccum Fryer and Cabinet Dryer Oven, we hope that the production process will be more effective and efficient, so that labor productivity can also increase, production costs are more economical, maximum profits, and product quality is guaranteed,” explained Wendra G Rohmah as the team leader.

“We hope that this activity can motivate Mrs. Ifa as the owner of FIRMAN SK SME to grow her business and produce quality and competitive products as a typical Malang snack product,” concluded Wendra. (Dse/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).