Lecturer of FP UB Receives Award as the Innovator of Kampung Tangguh

Acting Regent of Malang, Drs. Muhammad Ghulam. MM, who is also the Head of Regional Coordinator Board 3 Malang with Mangku Purnomo

Lecturer at the Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Brawijaya (FP UB) Mangku Purnomo, S.P., M.Sc., Ph.D received an award from Malang Regent for his contribution to the development of Kampung Tangguh (Resilient Village). The award was given in commemoration of National Health Day, Saturday (21/11/2020).

Acting Regent of Malang, Drs. Muhammad Ghulam., M.M., gave appreciation to Mangku Purnomo together with the agencies and health workers who played a role in handling COVID-19.

Kampung Tangguh can be applied in Malang Regency to support the community’s economy during the pandemic,” said the Vice Dean II of FP UB.

Mangku added that the handling of COVID must be comprehensive for both health workers and civil society.

“The motivation for the establishment of Kampung Tangguh is mutual cooperation from the community towards residents affected by COVID-19 that cannot be predicted when it will end. The state itself cannot forever provide assistance to the community. Therefore, there is an essence of the community being able to unite to provide social assistance through food barns or health care so that people can handle their economy independently in Kampung Tangguh, “he said.

Mangku hopes that Kampung Tangguh can become the basis for the community’s economic recovery.

Besides Mangku Purnomo, several civilians who received awards included the Head of Malang Regency Cadre Association Roestamadji, the Head of Baja Cow Garbage Bank Toton, and the Head of Posbindu Smarthealth Anggrek 2 Cadre, Kepanjen Village, Kepanjen District Agustin Shintowati. (OD / Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).