FP Lecturer Speaks Up at the International Soil Forum

Lecturer at the Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Brawijaya, became a speaker at the International Soil Science Conference (SOILS 2024) on (14/5-15/5/2024) which was held in Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia. This event was organized by Malaysian Society of Soil Science (MSSS) in collaboration with the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). With the theme “Cultivating Earth’s Future: Nurturing Soil Health for Sustainable Agriculture,” this conference focuses on the importance of maintaining soil health for sustainable agriculture.

As keynote speaker, Prof. Ir. Cahyo Prayogo, SP., MP., Ph.D. from Indonesia gave a very informative keynote presentation on “Managing Soil Microbial Respiration as an Early Indication of Soil Health and Mitigating C Emissions.”

In his presentation, Prof. Cahyo explained the importance of soil microbial respiration as an early indicator of soil health and how proper management can reduce carbon emissions. This presentation provides new insights and practical strategies for researchers and practitioners in the fields of soil science and agriculture.

Next, in the oral presentation session, Rizki Maulana Ishaq, SP., MP. presented his latest research entitled “Controlled Release Fertilizer (CRF) Application Impact on Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Shallot (Allium cepa L.) Cultivation.” This research shows that the use of controlled release fertilizer (CRF) can reduce greenhouse gas emissions in onion cultivation, which is an important step towards more environmentally friendly agriculture.

This conference was also attended by various soil experts, academics and practitioners from various countries who shared the latest research and best practices in soil management. It is hoped that the discussions and networks formed during this event will encourage stronger international collaboration and innovation in the fields of soil health and sustainable agriculture. (zma/OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir)