FKH Lecturer Elected to Lead APVI

drh. Albiruni Haryo, M.Sc, APVet. (in blue)

Lecturer at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Universitas Brawijaya drh. Albiruni Haryo, M.Sc, APVet. was elected as General Chair of the Indonesian Veterinary Pathology Association (APVI) for the 2023 – 2027 term. The election took place at the National Conference-Mukernas forum at FKH UB, Thursday-Friday (13-14/7/2023).

The election by acclamation decided that Albiruni who is also the Chairperson of the Committee for organizing a series of APVI activities in UB as the new chairman.

The National Conference-Mukernas was held in conjunction with Seminars – Workshops on Digital Pathology. Present as a guest speaker Prof. Drh. Bambang Pontjo P., MS., Ph.D., APVet. (Representative Chair of APVI for the 2019-2023 period) and drh. Vetnizah Juniantito, Ph.D., APVet. (Lecturer in Pathology, Bogor Agricultural University)

Prof. Bambang conveyed the importance of the presence of Pathology Veterinarians in Indonesia. The Professor of Pathology said “Veterinary Pathology is very important in determining disease in animals and its impact on humans.”

According to Bambang, the existence of a pathology veterinarian can play an important role in the discovery of new drugs that are safe for use for humans and animals. Because the specificity of the field studied allows them to do research in order to increase understanding of the pathogenesis of the disease so that it is possible to discover new methods of treatment.

The second speaker, namely drh. Vetnizah conveys a digital approach in the field of pathology. According to her, there is a need to develop a digital pathology approach in the realm of research development as well as strengthening learning in preparing excellent veterinary candidates in the future.

On this occasion, drh. Albiruni, who is also the chairman of the APVI committee, said that this meeting was aimed at strengthening the bonds of brotherhood between members and sharing knowledge.

“The last time APVI meeting was in 2019 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was held again to strengthen the bonds between members, share knowledge, then also provide an opportunity for new members to be able to follow and witness developments in the field of veterinary pathology,” he said.

This routine meeting was attended by participants from various universities, halls, other government agencies and companies totaling 124 participants. These participants came from veterinarians, laboratory technicians and veterinary graduates who are active in the field of Veterinary Pathology.

This event was held because of the support of several companies including PT Mendipath, Ventagenbio, PT New Module and MS Glow. (UB PR/ Trans. Iir)