FISIP Lecturer Receives PERHUMAS Award for the Public Relation Educator Category

PERHUMAS or the Association of Public Relations practitioners throughout Indonesia has named Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Lecturer, Rachmat Kriyantono, PhD as the recipient of PERHUMAS Award in the Public Relations Educator category.

“I am very pleased because PERHUMAS as a professional institution for public relations practitioners throughout Indonesia gives an award. I am happy to be able to contribute to the world of public relations and bring the name of Universitas Brawijaya. This award also contributes to the achievement of the Key Performance Indicators (IKU) in 2022, in which lecturers receive national awards,” he said.

Rachmat hopes that he can continue to push himself to contribute ideas in the development of communication science, especially public relations, by developing public relations theories.

He argues, public relations is actually an ‘applied communication science’, so that all public relations activities can be scientifically based and accounted for.

“In addition, we still have to jointly strengthen the position of public relations, which currently has no structure or function in accordance with the structure and function as a management function in the field of communication,” he said.

The 2022 Indonesian Public Relations Convention was held in Jakarta (15/12/2022). At the event, PERHUMAS gave awards to public relations figures and activists, both institutions and individuals.

In the judging process, PERHUMAS cooperates with NoLimit, a technology company that focuses on monitoring and analyzing on-line media using big data technology.

The 2023 Indonesian Public Relations Convention will be continued by BPC PERHUMAS Semarang. (Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).