FILKOM Lecturer Shares Knowledge Regarding to Deep Learning Using Pytorch

One of the lecturers of FILKOM UB, Dr. eng. Novanto Yudistira, S.Kom., M.Sc. becomes a speaker in the Deep Learning Workshop Using Pytorch, Informatics Engineering Study Program Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) Sultan Syarief Kasim, State Islamic University (UIN) Riau.

There are two main activities that will be delivered and implemented by Novanto in this workshop, first is Deep Learning Using Pytorch, followed by practice using Pytorch.

Starting the opening ceremony, the chairman of the activity committee, continued by the Head of TIF FST Study Program, Iwan Iskandar, M.T and the Dean of FST, Dr. Drs. Hartono, B.A, M.Pd. The workshop, which was held online via Zoom, was attended by various participants ranging from students and lecturers of the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) UIN Sultan Syarief Kasim, Riau.

“Currently, there are several libraries that make it easier for us to program and run the Deep Learning algorithms. However, the ones that are often used are Google’s TensorFlow and Facebook’s Pytorch. Pytorch is preferred by researchers because of its ease of debugging,” said Novanto.

In the first activity, Novanto explained several materials, including the basics of deep learning, the basics of Pytorch, examples of training and testing on various applications and architectural variants, and lastly is object detection application.

The activity that moderated by Suwanto Sanjaya, ST, M.Kom and Fadhilah Syafria, ST, M.Kom lasted until the afternoon with enthusiastic participants who followed until the end.[drn/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]