FCS UB Explores Myth and History to Develop Wendit Tourism

Dr. Hipolitus Kristoforus Kewuel
Dr. Hipolitus Kristoforus Kewuel

Realizing that tourism can be created from any resources, a Lecturer of the Study Programme of Anthropology, Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB), Dr. Hipolitus Kristoforus Kewuel, and his team researched mythical and historical stories as the materials that could be used as a tourist attraction.

“Every tourism object manager always tries and competes to develop their tourist attraction. In such situations, brilliant ideas emerge to develop the tourism object. Wendit Tourism is famous as water tourism with amazing water springs,” said Dr. Hipo.

“Wendit Tourism has also a lot of natural and cultural wealth and history. These natural and cultural treasures have been left out. This is very unfortunate,” he added.

Further, Dr. Hipo said that in a long period, the results of the exploration of these myths and historical stories can be used to increase tourist attraction.

“It can be designed in such a way that there is an additional menu of tourist attractions in the Wendit Tourism area. Myths and historical stories can be used as interesting materials to tell while the visitors walk or move towards the main object. In addition, on the way to the water spring accompanied by mythical and historical stories, visitors can also enjoy the sight of the cute monkeys,” he concluded. [DTS]