FH Lecturer Inaugurated as ALMI Member

Lecturer of the Faculty of Law Universitas Brawijaya (FH UB) have been elected as new members of the Association of Young Indonesian Scientists (ALMI) representing social science in the 2021 ALMI Plenary Session which will is held in Yogyakarta on a hybrid method (9/12-11/12/2021).

Before Fachrizal, Dr. Achmad Sabarudin from FMIPA UB is the only member of ALMI from UB whose membership term has ended this year.

ALMI itself is a forum for Indonesia’s leading young scientists under the auspices of Indonesian Academy of Sciences/AIPI, an independent organization which is formed through Law Number 8 of 1990 concerning Indonesian Academy of Sciences.

ALMI was established to encourage the role of young scientists in advancing science and excellent scientific culture in Indonesia, with the aim of increasing the nation’s competitiveness.

Not all young Indonesian academics/researchers can join ALMI.

The selection is based on consideration of scientific track record and other achievements. Coincidentally, ALMI filled 20 new members this year since there were vacant positions because other members had passed the maximum age limit of 45 years.

The selection process run tight, considering the track record in the field of science, the quality of publications that have been produced, as well as various other achievements.

Fachrizal and 20 other new members of ALMI are expected to be a catalyst for scientific encouragement in Indonesia. ALMI members are grouped based on knowledge that reflects AIPI commissions, such as Basic Sciences, Medical Sciences, Engineering Sciences, Social Sciences and Cultural Sciences.

ALMI’s activities are based on four working groups, namely Frontier Science, Science and Society, Science and Policy and Science and Education.

In his notes when he was inaugurated as a member of ALMI, Fachrizal Afandi expressed his hope that from this interdisciplinary ALMI membership, studies related to law enforcement and justice issues could be raise. Research collaboration, updating teaching methods and advocating for law enforcement policies are absolutely needed to achieve the ideals of Social Justice for all Indonesian people.

Through a network of young scientists at ALMI and AIPI, it is hoped that a science-based law enforcement policy will emerge as a result of cross-disciplinary research.

When giving a remark at the ALMI Plenary Session, Chairman of the Indonesian Academy of Sciences/AIPI, Prof. Satryo S Brodjonegoro said that the regeneration process of young Indonesian scientists is very important to foster academic enthusiasm and culture.

Young scientists at ALMI must be pioneers in developing knowledge that is beneficial to society and is not limited to material gains or careers.

Prof. Dr. Sangkot Marzuki, M.Sc., Ph.D., D.Sc. the founder of ALMI who was also the Director of Eijkman Institute in 1992-2014 remembering the time when ALMI was founded at the residence of Prof. Dr. Ing. H. Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie six years ago who had the same concern regarding the regeneration process of scientists in Indonesia.

It is hoped that through ALMI, scientists can be at the forefront to continuously promote integrity and a progressive scientific culture so that they can navigate science-based, critical and open policies to realize an advanced Indonesia. (FRL/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).