FH Lecturer Received Grant from Harvard Law School

Professor David Kennedy, Director of Institute for Global Law and Policy (left) and Fachrizal Afandi

UB FH Lecturer Fachrizal Afandi received a grant from Harvard Law School to join The Global Scholars Academy in Budapest, Hungary on (18/7-22/7/2022).

The Criminal Law lecturer said the program was a collaboration between the Institute for Global Law & Policy (IGLP) at Harvard Law School and The Graduate Institute, Geneva, Switzerland.

This activity, which is centered at Central European University (CEU) Budapest, brings together dozens of legal and policy scientists who intensively study world law, economic policy, and social justice.

The activity, which was held intensively for five days, invited scientists who have an interest in southern countries to discuss several contemporary issues ranging from the phenomenon of the rise of authoritarianism, populism, the concept of constitutional authority associated with colonial and post colonialism concepts and critical social theory, as well as global cooperation.

Professor David Kennedy, who is a Professor of Law at Harvard University in America, said that there are at least four objectives for holding The Global Scholars Academy.

The first is to help young scientists to improve their writing and research skills.

Second, to introduce concepts that are currently being developed and studied intensively in the southern hemisphere.

Third, to improve intellectual skills, including ways for young scientists participating in this academy to be able to introduce their academic ideas to the wider community.

Fourth, to learn to do academic reflection in order to increase scholarly capacity including sharing critical teaching styles, providing feedback and also developing multidisciplinary legal networks at the international level.

The Global Scholars Academy is tutored by 36 professors of Law, Policy and Politics from various top world universities such as Harvard Law School, Oxford Law School, Kent Law School, University of Glasgow, Tilburg Law School, The Graduate Institute, Geneva, Central European University, University of Toronto, SOAS University of London and others.

Fachrizal Afandi who is also the Head of the Center for Research Development of the Criminal Justice System (PERSADA UB) said the method taught by IGLP Harvard Law School is different from other methods that force participants to reflect more on the work of others and provide feedback instead of focusing only on their own work that is presented but with the guidance of a scholar who is more senior in his field. (FRZ/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).