FEB Lecturers Provide Internal Audit Training of Quality Management System at PT BIMA

A number of lecturers from the Faculty of Economics and Business, Brawijaya University (FEB UB) held a Lecturer Service activity entitled Assistance and Training on Internal Audit of Quality Management Systems and K3 Management Systems in order to prepare for PT BIMA surveillance audits. PT BIMA, as one of the spearheads of PELINDO, has unique characteristics and strong management, so it is hoped that ISO can become a proof of PT BIMA’s quality.

Three teams of FEB Service Lecturers consisting of Noval Adib SE., MSI., Ak., Ph.D, Hendi Subandi SE., MA., and Varin Wilda Rahmadia conducted ISO 9001: 2015 & ISO 45001: 2018 certification training to produce improvements operational performance through reducing the process of corrective action and elimination, potential hazards, handling work accident risks, increasing profitability, and marketing excellence as well as reducing environmental impacts which comes from international recognition from having the ISO 9001: 2015 & ISO 45001: 2018 logo.

Even though it was carried out via the Zoom application, the training went quite well. Participants were generally enthusiastic about the delivery of material and various case study discussions that were appropriate to the company’s conditions. So that the training participants’ understanding of the standard statements takes the form of an overview and deepening of various issues related to the material (thorough and detailed review). Communication during the training went well and smoothly and the participants were quite active and involved in the discussions in general. There were no significant obstacles during the training. The training schedule takes place relatively according to plan (time table). Likewise, the training material presented as a whole meets the criteria for the “Integrated Management System – Internal Audit ISO 9001:2015 & OH&S ISO 45001:2018” training standard.

In 2020, PT. Berkah Mesin Angkat (PT. BIMA) has received ISO 9001: 2015 & ISO 45001: 2018 certification.

In order to maintain quality continuity and fulfill occupational safety and health requirements, one part of the certification sustainability requirements is to carry out a Surveillance Audit from the certification body.

2023 will be the third year that PT BIMA has carried out certification, after last year carrying out a similar audit to maintain the continuity of certification. Considering the importance of implementing this certification, PT. BIMA needs to carefully prepare itself to face this audit. Moreover, this year, PT BIMA proposed additional sites, namely Semarang Container Terminal (TPKS) and Banjarmasin Container Terminal (TPKB).

Therefore, several things that need to be fulfilled for the implementation of ISO Surveillance Audit are compliance with the implementation of internal audits and Management Review Meetings in order to obtain maximum certification results. In an effort to ensure that the process is carried out optimally, efforts and good understanding are needed regarding Internal Audit of the Quality Management System and K3 Management System.

Therefore, assistance and training for Internal Audit Quality Management Systems and K3 Management Systems is needed to be able to improve the quality of PT BIMA’s understanding in preparation for ISO certification. [UB PR/ Trans. Iir]