Lecturers of the Faculty of Animal Husbandry Give Counseling to Cattle Farmers

Prof. Dr. Ir. Puguh Surjowardojo, MP. While giving Counseling

Prof. Dr. Ir. Puguh Surjowardojo, MP., Zia ul Rahman Fithron S.Pt., M.B.A, Hanum Muarifah, S.Pt., M.Sc., Ahmad Khoirul Umam, S.Pt., M.Pt., M.Sc. the community service team from the Faculty of Animal Husbandry UB conducts counseling as a form of implementing the Tri Dharma of Higher Education, especially in community service. The team provided counseling to dairy farmers in Tuyometro Hamlet, Pesanggrahan Village, Batu City, Tuesday (18/10/2022). The counseling participants were joined by the community who are members of Rojokoyo Farm livestock group. This counseling involved 5 Fapet UB students from undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Prof. Puguh said, “The outreach activity involving students aims to provide knowledge, skills, and experience in socializing in society. Meanwhile for livestock groups by participating in this counseling can gain knowledge about the importance of using colostrum for newborn calves so that it is expected to reduce the risk of death of newborn calves due to lack of nutrition.

In his counseling, Prof. Puguh said that colostrum is very important for calves and must be consumed as soon as possible since newborn calves do not have antibodies which are important for the immune system. This is because colostrum is very rich in antibodies so it can reduce the risk of stillbirths to calves due to diarrhea, pneumonia and other diseases.

He added that the features of colostrum include containing a lot of immunoglobulins because calves are only able to produce their own immunoglobulins at about 2 weeks of age, have a higher nutritional content than pure milk, and are able to help digest meconium which is a laxative (a compound that facilitates and improves the performance of digestive contents in calves).

Not to forget that Puguh also provides a method of colostrum substitution if the heifers do not or cannot produce colostrum within 24 hours after the birth of the calf to avoid the death of the calf. The following is the material used in the substitution, namely by mixing 1 beaten egg in 0.3 L of water + 1 teaspoon of castor oil + 0.6 L of fresh milk. Although this artificial milk substance cannot replace colostrum, albumin in eggs can be quickly absorbed by the intestinal wall and stimulates the formation of globulin in the cow’s body.

On this occasion, the representative of Rojokoyo Farm livestock group, Darji, expressed his gratitude and many hopes. “I am representing to say thank you very much with counseling like this. We, breeders can gain additional knowledge and know the benefits of colostrum,” he said. [puguh/sitirahma/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]