Lecturer Works, UB Vocational Collaborates with UNAIR Vocational

DOKAR (Dosen Berkarya) is one of the programs of Universitas Brawijaya that facilitates study programs to increase study program collaboration with domestic and/or foreign partners, as well as facilitates lecturers to carry out activities outside the campus so that they can improve the achievements of the main work indicators (IKU) of tertiary institutions, namely IKU 6 and IKU 3.

MoU between UB and Airlangga University Vocational

The Vocational Faculty, especially the Business Administration Study Program (PS D3 Adbis) is currently running this program. Collaborating with Airlangga University Vocational, UB Vocational conducted a strategic collaboration for scientific development, on Tuesday (13/12), in Surabaya. The DOKAR program produced activity outputs, namely the signing of PKS documents between UB Vocational and UNAIR Vocational, as well as reports on lecturers’ activities on off-campus activities through teaching collaboration and joint book writing.

This collaboration was signed directly by the Dean of Vocational Faculty, Prof. Dr. Unti Ludigdo, SE., M.Sc., Ak., Vice Dean 1 for Academic Affairs and Cooperation, namely Dr. Ulfa Andayani, S.Sc., M.Sc., Head of the Business and Hospitality Department namely San Rudiyanto S.E., M.SA., Ak. Also present were a team of UB lecturers consisting of Sovia Rosalin, S.Kom, S.AB., M.AB, Tri Mega Asri, S.Sos. M.I.Kom, Susilowati, S.Sos, M.AB, Lintang Edityastono, S.AB., M.AB, Hapsari Dian Sylvatri, S.S., M.I.Kom, Azna Abrory Wardana, S.H., M.H and Muhammad Soni Wijaya, SH. MH.

One of the lecturers, Sovia Rosalin for example, has conducted Teaching Collaboration 6 times at UNAIR Vocational and vice versa from the D4 lecturer of UNAIR Vocational Digital Office Management. “I have been teaching at UNAIR since last semester and this semester. In addition, there is also the preparation of a joint book, entitled Information Technology-Based Office Administration. This book is a collaboration of FV UB and UNAIR, and office administration practitioners,” she explained.

Next year, explained Sovia, there will be an independent student exchange between the two campuses. “We also plan to conduct collaborative research and community service to realize the vision and mission of each campus. In addition, it is also an effort to collaborate and synergize in other activities, for example strengthening character education, “she concluded. [Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]