Donation of 2023 FISIP New Students with IKA UB for Sultan Earn 19 Millions

In order to increase awareness, the Alumni Association (IKA) together with FISIP collected donations to help Sultan Rif’at Alfatih who had an accident as a result of being entangled in a fiber optic cable in Jakarta some time ago.

New students of FISIP UB or also known as the Knights of FISIP UB’s Orange Knights this year are raising donations specifically for Sultan Rif’at Alfatih, a student of Government Science at FISIP UB who some time ago was entangled in fiber optic cables in Jakarta.

This activity was carried out with Universitas Brawijaya Alumni Association (IKA UB) on the day of the 2023 FISIP PKKMB, Saturday (19/8/2023). Apart from the Dean of FISIP UB and IKA UB, as many as 1,244 new FISIP UB students also participated as donors, with a total fund of more than Rp. 19,000,000.

The Dean of FISIP UB, Anang Sujoko S.Sos., M.Sc., D.Comm said that FISIP UB will continue to oversee the development of cases and Sultan’s recovery. His party has also prepared a lawyer as a form of concern for demanding justice for Sultan who was entangled in the fiber optic cable owned by PT Bali Tower Indo.

“We will also immediately report PT Bali Tower Indo to the police. The lawyers we have prepared also always monitor in Jakarta,” explained Anang.

Meanwhile, Zainal Fatah, as the Head of IKA UB as well as the Secretary General of the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing said that what FISIP UB residents and all UB residents give through this donation is something that is appreciated for its glory. The results of the donation will then be handed over to the Sultan’s parents in Jakarta in the near future.

“This certainly does not replace what the family and Sultan feel, but this is a signal for the extended family that we are all with the family,” he added.

In addition, Sultan’s condition still needed serious and prolonged treatment at this time, because through the entanglement of the fiber optic cable, his vocal cords and the canal in his throat were cut off due to the accident.

‚ÄúSafety should be a priority. PT Bali Tower Indo or parties working in the public domain should also talk about safety and comfort for the community,” said Anang Sujoko. (*/OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir).