Domy Brush Suction, a Suction Tool Created by UB Lecturer

Domy Brush Suction

In a hospital/clinic service, especially in medical procedures such as surgery, it requires a very important procedure to pay attention to. Time efficiency and swift treatment are priorities for patient safety. However, in its implementation, several obstacles and problems are often found when carrying out procedures for patients, especially in surgical procedures, one of which is blockage of the suction device for blood or other body fluids.

Departing from this problem, Dr. Domy Pradana Putra, Sp.OT created an innovative work called “Domy Brush Suction” last Friday (19/01/24), officially launched by the Directorate General of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices (Dirjen Falmakes) of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemenkes RI) in an event entitled “Acceleration in the Context of Developing Domestic Product Innovation”, which was held at Borobudur Hotel, Jakarta.

The Launch of Domy Suction Brush

When interviewed separately by FKUB Public Relations, dr. Domy explained that this tool makes work easier during debridement operations. “We created this tool after seeing the problems that usually occur in the operating room, especially when carrying out debridement operations, where the suction hose is often found to be blocked due to several reasons and it is not uncommon for some things that should not be allowed to be sucked in, such as dust, dirt or dead tissue.” he said.

This blockage explained Domy, generally occurs due to a blockage. “And because of this blockage, we have to lose around 5-10 minutes to clean, repair or even replace the tube,” added this orthopedic and traumatology specialist.

After looking closely, he explained, one of the causes of the blockage of this hose was that the suction tip that had been used so far was still rigid and only had one hole. From this problem, Domy tried to make an innovation for tip suction, by making a tip suction that had 6 hoses and 2 holes in each hose. “The goal is that if during the procedure in the operating room one hole is blocked, there is still another tube that can be used to help with suction and we need this because it functions to reduce the risk of blockages,” he explained.

Domy Brush Suction is equipped with a flexible and non-traumatic hose at the end so as not to injure surrounding tissue, so it can easily enter narrow and hard-to-reach areas, so that the suction function will be maximized which will be very helpful. “Moreover, on the body there is also a thumb valve control which can make it easier for the operator to control the suction pressure,” he added.

Domy Brush Suction is expected to be a fast, efficient handling solution and increase the safety factor of surgical procedures when used on the operating table. In addition, it also has great benefits to the progress and development of the world of health, both in hospital services, medical education and the progress of medical equipment in Indonesia.

“Through the launching of medical device products carried out by the Indonesian Ministry of Health, I am very confident in the ability of the nation’s children to continue to develop innovative health device products. Innovation doesn’t always have to be sophisticated, but if we are observant in observing things that are happening around us, then we will be able to take advantage of all the momentum to build independence,” concluded the lecturer who is also an FKUB Alumni of 2009 batch. (Anang/VQ/ UB PR/ Trans. Iir)