The Domination of Central Java in the 16th PEKSIMINAS

The 16th national level student art competition has been held. Located at Universitas Brawijaya, the National Student Art Week is filled with achievements, talents and hard work of participants, facilitators and committee. For two full days, various talents competed for the top title.

In this event, Central Java BPSMI won 11 titles in almost all competitions. This fantastic number makes BPSMI Central Java the General Champion of the 2022 PEKSIMINAS event, with details of 5 First Places, 2 Second Places, 2 Third Places, and 1 Runner Up Winner.

This achievement was followed by East Java with details of 4 First Places, 2 Second Places, 1 First Places, 4 Second Winners, and 1 for each Third Winners, Runner- up 1 and runner up 2.

And in the 3rd place position is occupied by BPSMI D, I Yogyakarta with 1 First place, 4 Second place and 1 each for Third place, One Runner up I and II.

The 16th National Student Art Week was attended by a total of 823 participants from 123 campuses divided into 15 competitions. The categories of art that are contested include male and female keroncong, male and female poetry reading, black and white and color photography, male and female pop singing, male and female seriosa singing, male and female dangdut singing, monologue writing, play writing, short story writing, poetry writing, dance, vocal group and poetry reading.

As for the details of the provinces with the most participants: Central Java Province with 39 participants (12 universities), East Java with 39 participants (9 universities), West Kalimantan with 39 participants (2 universities), Bali with 38 participants (8 universities). South Sulawesi with 38 participants (6 universities), DKI Jakarta with 37 participants (9 universities), West Java with 36 participants (7 universities), Aceh Province with 36 participants (4 universities), and North Sumatra 36 participants (5 universities). [Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]