Doktor Mengabdi UB Introduces Bio-Conversion of Organic Waste and Vegetable Picking Tour in Buring

It is undeniable that this fairly long pandemic period accompanied by PPKM levels has indeed killed the economic activities of several business fields and related community groups, but there are many other alternative activities that can be carried out.

Most of the people of Kampung Baran, Buring Village, Kedungkandang District, Malang City have middle to lower income. Although the potential for agriculture is still very large, only a small number of residents work in the agricultural and livestock sectors.

The residents,Tim Doktor Mengabdi UB who in fact live near Citra Garden Housing prefer to work in the industrial sector, as factory workers, hoe workers, even construction workers.

The Doktor Mengabdi (DM) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) team led by Dr. Ema Yunita Titisari ST MT from the Faculty of Engineering (FT) seeks to increase the economic activities of residents, especially in the agricultural sector, through bio-conversion of organic waste.

Besides Dr. Ema, the DM UB team consists of Dr. Siti Azizah SPt MSos MCommun (F. Animal Husbandry), Syahrul Kurniawan SP MP PhD (F. Agriculture), Abraham M Ridjal ST MT (FT/Architecture), and Rahmi Yuniarti ST MT (FT/Industrial Engineering).

Dr. Ema explained that this effort is expected to be a solution to the problems of chemical fertilizers, public health, the environment, as well as to improve the economy of the local community, especially in the context of developing the Buah Baran Bercahaya Edutourism Village, Malang.

Organic fertilizer made of livestock manure and kitchen waste has been successfully produced into vermicompost and liquid organic fertilizer. Fertilizers have also been applied to vegetable crops planted in polybags in people’s yards.

Tanaman organik hasil panen warga Kampung Baran, BuringKampung Buring
Tanaman organik hasil panen warga Kampung Baran, BuringKampung Buring

“This activity is a positive alternative for residents in facing the economic crisis during the pandemic. Now residents can directly harvest organic vegetables, not only healthy, if developed well, it can also help the local economy,” said this Architecture Lecturer.

In its implementation, the team synergizes with the Tholabie Islamic Boarding School. Working together while continuing to expand the network, this activity was developed into Vegetable Picking Tour, as one of the activities in the Buah Baran Bercahaya Edutourism Village. (humasft)