Doktor Mengabdi Program Increases Tourism Potential in Pelawan Forest

Having successfully helped the community develop tourism potential in Namang Village through Pelawan Tea, the Doktor Mengabdi Team from Universitas Brawijaya (UB) in collaboration with the Central Bangka Regency Government is again innovating through honey suction zones and the Pelawan mushroom comic.

The inauguration of the Pelawan Kelulut Honey Suction Zone was held on Monday, October 10, 2022, by the Vice Rector for Research and Innovation, Dr. Ir. Bambang Susilo, M.Sc.Agr., and the Regent of Central Bangka Algafry Rahman, S.T.

Bambang Susilo said that this time, the Doktor Mengabdi program aims to facilitate the community or tourists of Namang Village to enjoy pelawan honey as well as introduce pelawan forest commodities.

“We are very interested in the potential that exists in Namang Village. Through Pelawan Forest tourism, there are several things that can be combined with the typical culinary tour of the forest,” said the lecturer from the Faculty of Agricultural Technology.

At this location, tourists can easily enjoy honey directly from the houses of the kelulut bees. The pelawan forest is an endemic forest only found in Bangka Belitung and is known as a producer of pelawan honey.

The Regent of Central Bangka, Algafry Rahman, really appreciates the Doktor Mengabdi Program from UB. He explained that the potential tourist attraction of Namang Village that can be seen and felt is sucking the honey of the pelawan directly.

“Earlier, through the direction of our UB friends, we were introduced to the packaging of the pelawan honey sachet which was not available before. So we have so much from this collaboration, inshaaAllah, we will develop it more,” he explained.

In addition to the pelawan honey suction zone, the mushroom comics are presented in exciting pictures to make it easier for readers to identify the commodities of Namang Village to the public and tourists.

The lecturer who initiated the comics, Dr. Eng. Ir. Okay Oktavianty, S.Si., MT. explained that the idea of ​​making comics was motivated by the fact that not many people knew the commodity of these mushrooms, both people on the island of Java and on the island of Bangka.

“The goal is to educate the public, especially school-age children. I combined fairy tales with modified stories and then made them as good and interesting as possible which could raise the name of Namang Village,” said the lecturer from the Industrial Engineering Department.

Doktor Mengabdi team member in this program are Dr.Eng. Ir. Oke, Oktavianty, S.Si. , MT. (Faculty of Engineering), Dr. Esti Junining, M.Pd. (Faculty of Cultural Sciences), Sri Suhartini, STP. M.Env.Mgt. PhD. PGCert. (Faculty of Agricultural Technology), and Ir. Sugiono, ST., MT., Ph.D. (Faculty of Engineering).

Adapted from:
– INews Pangkalpinang
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