Doctoral Service: Assistance in Business Permit and Processing the Processed Freshwater Fish Product in Malang Regency

Assistance in Business Permission and Processing the Processed Freshwater Fish Product by UB Doctoral Service Team

Doctoral Service Team Universitas Brawijaya (UB) again transfers knowledge to the people of Senggreng Village, Sumber Pucung District, Malang Regency, Saturday (23/7/2022). Located at the People’s Amusement Park Sumber Duren fishing pond, they provide assistance in obtaining business permits and processing nuggets and meatballs made from freshwater fish.

Because the production of freshwater fish there reaches 180 tons per year. So that it has the opportunity to become a business field if it is managed into various processed products.

In its implementation, the team was chaired by Dr. Nanang Febrianto, S.Pt., MP (Faculty of Animal Husbandry) consists of Prof.Dr.Ir. Trinil Susilawati, MS, IPU., ASEAN Eng (Faculty of Animal Husbandry), Dr. Dedes Amertaningtyas, S.Pt., MP (Faculty of Animal Husbandry), Hefti Salis Yufidasari, S.Pi, MP (Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences), and Sri Sulasmiyati, S.Sos, MAP (Faculty of Administrative Sciences). Besides, it involves students of Faculty of Animal Science UB who take part in the Thematic Real Work Lecture (KKN-T) program.

Home Industry Food Materials (PIRT) and its permits were submitted by Malang District Health Office. Meanwhile, the processing of freshwater fish products into nuggets and meatballs was guided by Dr. Dedes Amertaningtyas and Hefti Salir Yufidasari., M.P.

Dr. Nanang said that DM activity was a step to develop and expand the market for processed freshwater fish products in Senggreng Village. In order to improve the economic welfare of the community and develop tourism in Senggreng Village.(dta/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)