Doctoral Service Team of FCS UB Develops a Tourism Area Based on Culture and Local Wisdom of Kampung Biru Arema

One of the residents who attended the KBA souvenir painting training

The Doctoral Service Team the Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) which is chaired by Hamamah, Ph.D., with members Prof. Dr. Agus Suman, S.E., DEA., Fredy Nugroho Setiawan, M.Hum., and Rizki Nufiarni, M.A., assist the development of a tourist area based on culture and local wisdom to improve the economy of the community in Kampung Biru Arema (KBA), Kiduldalem Village, Malang City.

The basic objective of this program in the field of science is to provide solutions of the problem in the KBA Community Based Tourism concept by presenting the uniqueness of a thematic village in the form of a tourist area and painting crafts that will support KBA branding as a socio-cultural representation of Malang City residents.

Currently, KBA has attempted to become a thematic village tourist destination with its distinctive blue color. However, KBA development has not been able to have many positive impacts on its residents. Broadly speaking, there are two main problems, namely the absence of superior tourism concepts and spots, and not much participation and empowerment of human resources to play a role in advancing KBA as a tourism village that can improve the economy of residents.

Referring to the UB Strategic Plan with the flagship theme of community empowerment and economic development, the Doctoral Service team tries to provide further assistance to the KBA community to empower and strengthen people’s productivity. The mentoring activities currently carried out are packaged in two activities, namely the assistance to the development of a playground tourist area, and the training on KBA-specific souvenir painting.

“We want UB to be part of Malang City. KBA has its human resources, while we have the cultural knowledge. Let us advance on the successful tourism in Malang City,” said Prof. Agus Suman, the Dean of FCS UB to the residents who participated in the training on making souvenirs and painting decorations.

The first activity is aimed at developing tourist areas, especially the playground area, which is intended to become a tourist area as well as education. The second activity is to empower human resources who are less productive and to utilize existing assets in KBA, namely, waste and/or used goods collected in the KBA waste bank that is suitable to be processed as souvenirs or decorations.

The results of the two activities are expected to complement and strengthen each other. KBA souvenirs, toys, and painting decorations can be displayed and traded in tourist areas in KBA, especially the playground area. Meanwhile, the existence of a tourist area that has the concept of packaging, ornamentation, and design will be able to bring out and strengthen the aesthetic value and identity of KBA as a thematic village to attract more tourists and improve the welfare of the local community. [DTS]