Doctoral Service Strengthens VCO Productivity in Cemorokandang Malang

Vigur Asri Women Farmer Group (KWT) in Cemorokandang Village, Malang City has succeeded in making Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO). Named Bimala, this VCO has been tested at the Biological Sciences Center Laboratory (LSIH) Brawijaya University and is known to contain very useful fatty acids.

Based on this, KWT Vigur Asri, which has 21 members, is enthusiastic about increasing production since it has been proven that VCO can help the community in maintaining the health of humans and animals.

Bimala VCO currently has a Micro and Small Business License (IUMK), a Home Industry Food Product License (PIRT), and a halal certificate.

KWT Vigur Asri uses a natural fermentation method in its production process. The procedure for making VCO using the cold method consists of squeezing grated coconut into coconut milk, then mixing the thick part of the coconut milk, and maintaining the environmental temperature so that it is not too cold because it will affect the production results.

Innovative technology is needed to increase VCO production, namely by using optimal environmental temperatures to produce high yields, but the fatty acid content is still present, because at inappropriate temperatures it causes the decomposition of capric acid which has an antivirus effect.

Considering the importance of environmental temperature in the VCO production process, the 2023 Doctoral Service (DM) Program team chaired by Dr. Ir. Erni Yudaningtyas, MT from Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering (FT), designed a chamber temperature control to ensure that the environmental temperature in the production process and VCO does not exceed 35oC.

This temperature is maintained so that capric acid, which is a medium chain fatty acid, does not break down. In addition, it is necessary to know the fatty acid content contained in VCO during the production process using incandescent lights and controlled chamber temperatures.

Pelatihan Produksi VCOIn its implementation, Dr. Erni was assisted by members consisting of Dr. Ir. Poncho Siwindarto, M.Eng.Sc. (FT), Prof. Dr. Dr. Nurdiana, M. Kes. (Faculty of Medicine), and Dr.Ir. Arning Wilujeng Ekawati, MS. (Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science).

Moreover, the DM Team was also assisted by 5 students Amira Rachmatillah from FKG, Muhammad Danar Akbar, Farahdina Intan Kamila, Luhur Pambudi, and Abdul Hafid Arif from FT.

After designing, manufacturing and testing the equipment, and getting the results as expected, the team conducted training for the local community in the hope of becoming KWT Vigur Asri’s fostered partner so that it could increase KWT Vigur Asri’s productivity in producing VCO.

The VCO making training activity was attended with great enthusiasm for 2 days, namely on 1/8-2/82023. On the first day, there was an explanation and direct practice in making VCO, consisting of the process of squeezing, standing, stirring and warming the coconut milk. On the second day, VCO harvesting is carried out, which consists of separating VCO and blondho, filtering and packaging.

Alhamdulillah, this training received a positive response from the local community, some residents even became residents assisted by KWT Vigur Asri in producing VCO. Hopefully in the future we can increase productivity so that it can help the economy of the surrounding community,” hoped Dr. Ernie. (mic/OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir)