Doktor Mengabdi UB Develops Creative Village Sumbersari UB Forest

Reflecting on the success of the Batik Program in Sumberwangi UB Forest Village for three consecutive years, in 2020 the Doktor Mengabdi (DM) program is back to Sumbersari Tawangargo Village, Karangploso District, Malang Regency.

This program is part of the Universitas Brawijaya responsibility in fostering Magersaren residents in the UB Forest area. This time the DM Team focuses on optimizing the ability of the Sumbersari villagers in managing natural waste into crafts.

Several forms of handicraft were introduced to the village community, including key chains, resin crafts, air freshener, and hanging ornaments. This craft makes use of pine and coffee which are mostly found around Sumbersari Village.

“This is an example of the use of natural waste as a basic material for making souvenirs which is expected to improve the welfare of the community,” said Dr.techn. Ir. Yusfan Adeputera Yusran, ST., MT.Ars., one of the team member from Faculty of Engineering..

Apart from this Architecture lecturer, this program is chaired by Mangku Purnomo from the Faculty of Agriculture together with Tatiek Koerniawati Andajani from the Faculty of Agriculture and Ika Atsari Dewi from the Faculty of Agricultural Technology.

This program also involves three intern students from across UB’s faculties. In this activity, students participated in helping the community to make handcrafts for about a month.

At the first meeting of the DM Team with community leaders, it was stated that the Sumbersari Villagers wanted to have skills in utilizing natural waste.

In its implementation, the DM Team provides assistance to the community in creating handicraft so that it can become a new livelihood for the community.

“We want to be the same as Sumberwangi Village, so that women can also be creative,” said Mugito, as the local community leader who stand as a bridge for the DM team to communicate with the villagers. (yus/mic)