Doctor Serve and Head of Krisik Village Collaborate in the Field of Ecotourism

The team of Doctor Serve Universitas Brawijaya (DM UB) signed a cooperation document with Krisik Village, Thursday (6/8/2020).

The signing of collaboration was represented by the Chairman of the DM team, Prof. Dr. Aulani’am, drh., DES and the Head of Krisik Village.

The cooperation in the field of ecotourism was sparked after the DM UB team visited Krisik Village again to take a closer look and conduct a direct mapping of tourism potential that can be developed to improve the economy and welfare of the Krisik Village residents.

The activities carried out by the DM Team and chaired by Prof. Aulanni’am, drh., DES was held in the form of limited workshop with the Head of Village, Village Apparatus representatives, PKK Representatives, Tourism Awareness Group Representatives, and other figures in Krisik Village.

Prof. Aulanni’am, drh., DES explained that Krisik Village has a lot of natural potentials that can be developed into tourism objects, including Telaga Rambut Monte, Batu Menangis Waterfall, and Pura Agung Arga Sunya.

“The landscape in Krisik Village is also good since it is located under the kawi and kelud mountains,” said Aul.

Besides workshop, the DM Team was also invited to visit the field. From the results of the visit, it was found that in Krisik Village there is a large area of ​​potato land but its function has not been optimized.

“People only sell raw potatoes. If it is processed into a product, it will be more valuable and not easily damaged. From the potatoes, they can be processed into potato chips, ”said a team member, Dyah Kinasih Wuragil, S.Si., MP, .M.Sc.

Asih added that in addition to the potential of the landscape and vast potato land, many residents of Krisik Village also become dairy farmers. Unfortunately, the KUD still monopolizes their milk products to sell it to dairy companies.

“They hope that milk products, beside being only sold raw, it can be processed into food products with more valuable so that they can increase their income of village community. As a result, we agreed to make milk candy product with good quality, taste and texture, ”said Asih.

The potentials had by Krisik Village, made the two parties agree to cooperate.

Previously, the Team of Doctor Serve also held online discussions with the representatives of Krisik Village with the theme “Jagong Malam Minggu” to explore the optimization of natural and cultural resources in the development of a tourist village which is the key success of the community in managing village assets for the welfare of the community.

In this activity, it presents the representatives of community group in Krisik Village who are interested and strategic in developing tourism villages, including the Tourism Awareness Group (POKDARWIS), the Forest Village Community Organization (LMDH) Krisik Village, Coffee Farmers, Youth Organization, Breeders and representatives from the Krisik Village Apparatus. [Oky / Humas UB/ Trans. Iir].