Dokar Increases Collaboration with the University of Warwick – UK

Currently the Department of Urban Regional Planning (PWK) especially the Faculty of Urban and Regional Planning Masters Study Program (PS MPWK).

Engineering Universitas Brawijaya is currently developing a curriculum which is a Cooperation program under the Enhance Project funded by the Erasmus Plus program and driven by the University of Warwick (UoW), United Kingdom.

The Enhance Project started in early 2019 and made a major contribution to the development of the PS MPWK curriculum through the introduction of human aspects in engineering to solve problems known as Humanitarian Engineering (HE).

According to Dr. Christia Meidiana, as the head of Dokar PS S1-PWK team, based on the results of the annual evaluation, the involvement of PS MPWK in the Enhance Project Cooperation (Erasmus plus) with UoW has made a very good contribution and needs to be followed up.

Together with the coordinator of UB-Enhance project (Irnia Nurika, PhD), the PWK Dokar team visited UoW to design a cooperation scheme for strengthening the performance of study programs through enriching the curriculum by introducing HE content into several selected MK for Undergraduate Study Programs-PWK thereby expanding the scope of selected MK content involved. The content enrichment of selected MK of PWK Undergraduate Study Programs is urgently needed as a consistency of Study Programs in following the dynamics of scientific development through updating selected MK content so that they are able to answer local, regional and even global problems which currently cannot only involve one scientific discipline but also require the involvement of several different fields of knowledge that often have to consider social or humanitarian aspects.

In this activity, it is hoped that PS will be able to produce a richer curriculum and be able to produce graduates who not only have competence in terms of professional hard skills and soft-kills but also have competence in approaching solutions to humanitarian problems both in urban areas and spatially related areas such as urban poverty, disaster mitigation, marginalization of peri-urban communities, climate change and others.

In addition to carry out activities related to HE curriculum development, during the visit Irnia Nurika,PhD also met with the International Partnerships Manager from UoW to extend the MOU between Universitas Brawijaya and the University of Warwick. On that occasion there was also a discussion regarding opportunities for collaboration between UB and UoW, and one of them was that UoW provided an opportunity for doctoral students from UB to be able to carry out their doctoral research for approximately 1 year at UoW without paying research fees while carrying out these activities by several requirements that must be met. Other activities that have been running since 2015 such as research collaboration, joint publication and academic visiting from the two universities will continue to be carried out to strengthen UB collaboration with UoW which is one of the best universities in the UK. [Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]