Dissertation of Ekowati Retnaningtyas: The Influence of Water on Blood Viscosity in Diabetes Mellitus Patients

Dr. Ekowati Retnaningtyas, S.Kep., M.KesDiabetes Mellitus is metabolism disorder of carbohydrate, lipid, and protein which is marked by blood glucose-level increasing or hyperglycaemia. Hyperglycaemia causes diuretic osmotic which led to dehydration, thus impact on improving of blood viscosity.

This regard delivered by Ekowati Retnaningtyas in dissertation opened examination, Monday (20/Jun/2016) at Faculty of Medicine University of Brawijaya. The tested dissertation titled “The Influence of Water (H2O) Towards Blood Rheology (Viscosity) and Albumin Conformation in Diabetes Mellitus Patients Type 2 in an In Vitro and In Silico Study”.

Ekowati mentioned, water is important for living. It contributes albumin conformation, one of main proteins in blood plasma. Most of the macro-molecule of protein, enzyme and DNA in their activities needs water. Water supply is very important in structure stability and protein function, besides helping enzyme catalytic.

However water involvement is not fully known yet in molecular level. This regard is caused by complexity level from molecule and cells in organism tissues. The second stage is to know water (H2O) influence towards albumin conformation changes.

Of the research was obtained that provision of 10 µL air (H2O) in 6 mL blood plasma could decline plasma viscosity in certain period of time in DM patients and normal individual.

Meanwhile albumin dynamics is highly influenced by numbers of water molecule. A condition of dehydration or reducing the number of water molecules can cause the occurrence of albumin conformation changes, yet do not damage the albumin protein structure.

Meanwhile, glucose-concentration increase indicated that the higher of glucose-concentration could influence albumin-concentration and secondary structure changes of albumin protein, namely secondary structure changes, from coil into alpha-helix.

Dr. Ekowati Retnaningtyas, S.Kep, M.Kes was born in Malang, 6 January 1964. The wife of Ir. Gunanto was accomplished her Nursing bachelor education at Faculty of Medicine of Padjadjaran University, meanwhile her master and doctoral education program was at Biomedical Science of Faculty of Medicine of University of Brawijaya. Ekowati was blessed with three sons including Evan Hutomo Eka Putranto, S.Kom, Edwin Wahyu Agung Kristianto, ST, and David Tri Setyo Wicaksono. [Irene/Humas UB/trans. Denok]