Director of Village and Rural Advocacy and Cooperation: Campus Plays Role in Facilitating Village Empowerment

Pentahelix synergy is needed to accelerate village development. This was conveyed by Muhammad Fachri, S.STPi, Msi, as the Director of Village and Rural Advocacy and Cooperation, Ministry of Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Regions, and Transmigration when giving a presentation in the Student Coordination and Synchronization Workshop on Building 1000 Villages, online this morning.

Muhammad Fachri, S.STPi, Msi, as the Director of Village and Rural Advocacy and Cooperation

According to Fachri, many things have been done by the village to develop the village. “Development and poverty alleviation, there are many challenges. In particular, some villages are still minimal in creating new economic resources for the village, still using village funds consumptively, not productively,” he said.

The government, added Fachri, through the Recognition and Subsidy Village Law, has given authority to villages. “The village today is very luxurious, has money and authority. Here, the important role of the university is to assist, facilitate and advocate so that it can utilize all of its resources. There are three of our priorities in using village funds in 2023, namely national economic recovery, national priority programs, and mitigation and management of natural and non-natural disasters,” he explained.

Village Community Empowerment, according to the Head of PMD Prov. East Java, Ir. Budi Sarwoto, M.M, refers to the three pillars of Nawa Bhakti Satya. “The goal itself, is to reduce poverty. East Java is the second largest contributor to the economy at 25.21%. East Java also has the highest national poverty rate and independent villages in East Java have the highest rates in Indonesia. There is no underdeveloped and very underdeveloped villages in East Java, having the highest number of independent villages. Nearly 25 percent of villages in East Java have become independent villages,” he explained.

The 2023 Village Building Student Program is a community service activity carried out by UB students. According to Dr. Sujarwo, S.P., M.P., this program will be implemented in 1000 villages. “This activity will be held between semesters 4 and 5. The plan is to carry out debriefing in February and March, and the implementation itself will be carried out from June to August,” concluded the man who serves as Vice Dean for Academic Affairs of the Faculty of Agriculture. [Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]