Dioniso Soares Babo: Education is the Key of East Timor Human Resources Development

H.E Mr. Dionisi Soares Babo, Ph.D As a country in developing its human resources, East Timor recently tries to improve education for its people. Education sector is not only becomes priority, but able to form mindset of the society that later will give real contribution for the advancement of the nation. This regard delivered by H.E. Mr. Dionisi Soares Babo, PhD as Coordinator Minister of State and Law of East Timor to the academic community of University of Brawijaya, Monday (21/Dec/2015).

Dioniso expressed his willingness to bring larger East Timor students to study at UB especially on Post Graduate Program either Master or Doctoral program. “Prospective students for Master and Doctoral program quite high, we want East Timor youth not only study but also give contribution. Such as journal or research. Moreover if they able to have join research with other countries,” he said.

Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) becomes the first reference in partnership with East Timor State Administration Agency. The both are considered to a good beginning in creating human resource management and good government up to the state government level. “Certainly it becomes a strategic step for us to develop East Timor governance. The ranks in government should have good skill, intellectual level and academic capability,” he added.

He also delivered, in addition to have educational competence and international reputation, UB becomes an institution that has master program on poverty study that considered to be relevant with East Timor. “The presence of such department, we wish the young generation could have independency and awareness to improve East Timor community welfare,” he said. Since, according to him, economic, law and social matters should be aligned with good education and competent human resources. [indra/Humas UB/trans. Denok]