Dimas Fakhrudin, IKN Logo Design Nominee from the Vocational Faculty

Dimas Fakhruddin, S.ST., M.Ds., and his logo

Dimas Fakhruddin, S.ST., M.Ds., is a lecturer at the Vocational Faculty, Universitas Brawijaya. His name soared because his logo idea entered the top five in the Indonesian Capital Logo Design Competition (IKN).

The man who also serves as Chair of the Malang chapter of the Indonesian Graphic Design Association calls the image of the logo he made a home for the community. “The point is, to create a sustainable synergy. Meanwhile, visually it is taken from the process of transforming the development of IKN in accordance with Indonesia’s vision in 2045,” he said over the phone.

The concept of the logo shape, according to Dhimas, takes the concept of tridaya or the concept of creativity, taste and intention. “From this Tridaya, it also takes the character of Indonesia as a maritime country, agriculture, and the existence of forests and seas in Kalimantan, which then gave birth to three phases such as planting, caring for and processing which are interpreted as an effort to develop, which became the initial idea of this logo design”, explained the lecturer at the Department of Creative and Digital Industries.

“In form, we take the concept from Tridaya in the archipelago, then we divide it into three. Then from there we take the concept of Tridaya and Indonesia besides being called a maritime country it is also called an agricultural country, where in Kalimantan there are many plants, lots of forests and also the sea. In the end, I took it for its application so that there were still 3 more phases, namely planting, caring for, and processing to make the logo really represent an effort to develop and from there that was the initial idea,” he said

Dhimas chose three main colors in this design. “Green is the main inspiration, which describes forests and protected forests in Kalimantan. The gold symbolizes IKN as the forerunner of world city role models, and the orange represents sustainable togetherness or synergy between stakeholders, the community and the government,” explained Bandung Institute of Technology alumnus.

Dimas and the IKN logo design team

In the design process, Dhimas is not alone. He was assisted by 1 researcher and copy writer, and two graphic designers. “The big idea came from me, then we discussed it to produce the tridaya concept and 3 phases. The duration of the work effectively starts from mid-October, effectively 3-4 months and during production we have assistance from a team of curators consisting of experts from the IKN authority and central ADGI,” he said.

To be a finalist, is not easy. Dhimas must compete with 500 other participants to be selected as the top 5. “The challenge is, this logo can be used for another 20 years, and it will really be felt in 2045. So, how can this logo be relevant for another 20 years and beyond, and still be inspired by Pancasila to be able to describe and represent the side of continuation and togetherness in the form of a pentagon as the core form of this logo, “he concluded.

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[Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]