Visited by SMAN 2 Tambun Selatan, FISIP Explains the Strategy to Pass SNBP

FISIP was again visited by high school students, Tuesday (20/2/2024). This time from Class 11 students of SMA Negeri 2 Tambun Selatan, Bekasi.

As usual, the school visit event was accompanied by presentation of material introducing the world of lectures and various information about lectures at FISIP.

Including which attract students’ attention is the Achievement-Based National Selection (SNBP) entrance route, an “invitation” university entry route that is done without tests.

One of the students at SMAN 2 Tambun Selatan, Muhammad Nur Syahbani asked about the provisions for including certificates of achievement from online competitions which stipulate that you have to pay to redeem the certificate.

“Of course this is related to the weight of the scores from the competition organizing institution. So, prioritize official organizers, for example from universities, since the weight of the scores will definitely be different from private EOs holding competitions,” said Muhammad Irfan Anshori, S.I.Kom., as Public Relations of FISIP.

Moreover, Afrizal Difa, the MC of the event and a student who passed the SNBP in 2023, also shared his experience when submitting a certificate of achievement.

“Besides the organization’s active certificate, the competition certificate is also an official one. In the past, I won 4th place in the basketball competition and 3rd place in the writing competition,” he explained.

FISIP added that a maximum of three SNBP achievement certificates can be included for each eligible student. So, it is necessary to pay attention that each certificate must be the best and can be accounted for so that it can help with the SNBP assessment. (Alifiah/FISIP PR/ OKY/ UB PR/ Trans. Iir)