61st UB Anniversary: Pray Together and Donation for Orphans

Commemorating the 61st Anniversary of Brawijaya University (UB) carried out joint prayer activities and provided donations to orphanages, the poor and social institutions. The activity was carried out at UB Raden Patah Mosque through UB Religious Development Center (PPA).

Joint prayers are held so that UB will provide more blessings to the community, nation and state in the future. Compensation is given to orphanages, poor people and social institutions around UB. Compensation was given to 28 orphanages, 150 orphans, 160 poor people and eight social institutions within UB on Tuesday (19/12).

UB Vice Rector for Planning, Cooperation and Internationalization (VR IV), Andi Kurniawan MSc, PhD appeared to attend this activity accompanied by other UB leaders. In his speech, VR IV said that this activity was UB’s effort to continue to build relationships and share with the surrounding community.

“We always hope that the various activities carried out by UB can provide benefits to the community, not only for students, lecturers and employees. UB not only wants to develop higher education, but also basic education. Of course, UB will always try to provide various goodness and blessings. There are lots of scholarships and various assistances which are expected to be able to help children and the community to continue their education at UB. For the brothers and sisters who are present at this place, stay enthusiastic and continue to strive to achieve high goals,” said Andi. [pon/ron/UB PR/ Trans. Iir]