UB 58th Anniversary: President Jokowi Invites UB to Keep Innovating

President Ir. H. Jokowi gave Speech at the 58th UB Anniversary Open Meeting

Higher education is the most perfect organization as a reference for reform. Innovation becomes the key word. Therefore, it is better not to get caught up in routine, yet must develop new ways. This was conveyed by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Ir. H. Joko Widodo when giving a speech at the main event of 58th Universitas Brawijaya Anniversary on Tuesday (5/1/2021).
“The desire of students and lecturers to innovate must be grown. Students must be facilitated so that they can learn from anyone, both from industry players, entrepreneurs, government practitioners, and other field players. “Collaboration with practitioners is not only provide work experience to students, but also to collaborate for research and development in the fields of technology, industry, as well as the development of pure sciences,” he explained.
The President continued the challenging Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to work beyond boundaries. Economic life has started to rise a little and will continue to rise in the midst of intense global competition. It requires our readiness in various fields, especially in developing Indonesia’s superior talents who have strong national characteristics, innovative, competitive, and are able to win world competitions which full of disruption and uncertainty.
Seeing that a number of 132 patents have been filed by UB inventors during this pandemic, where the number is the highest in Indonesia in the category of universities, the President hopes that the superior science and technology of UB products can help improve people’s welfare.
“I hope it does not stop at the number of patents, but it must be continued with a partnership to strengthen the down-streaming of research results and innovations, through collaboration between universities and the industrial world for the advancement of the nation,” he said.
At the end of his remarks, the president advised that higher education must build the character of the young generation with a strong national spirit, upholding Pancasila, respecting diversity in brotherhood and unity, have high integrity and are anti-corruption and be tolerant and respect to democracy.
“I am sure that UB is able to make a big contribution to developed Indonesia which we aspire to. Congratulations on UB 58th Anniversary, I hope UB will remain a place to build future glory, “he concluded. [Irene/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]