Dianka Harissandy, a Student of UB Communication Science Becomes the Top 10 of MMBI

Dianka Harissandy, Student of UB Communication Science becomes the Top 10 of MMBI 2024

Student of Communication Science Study Program, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya (FISIP UB) Dian Kharisma or known as Dianka Harissandy succeeded in qualifying for the top 10 at the Miss Mega Bintang Indonesia 2024 event. Dianka entered the Top 10 of MMBI after passing the assessment stage through quarantine during two weeks, 3 May to 18 May, as well as the Grand Final at Istora Senayan, Sunday (19/05/2024).

This event was attended by 49 finalists from 15 provinces. Dianka, who is the representative of East Java 3, did not expect that she enjoyed watching pageants on television at first, she would finally be able to get involved directly at the end of the lecture semester.

“Starting from trying a modeling agency, becoming a student ambassador, tourism ambassador, kakang mbakyu, and because of encouragement from my friends, I finally tried to explore Miss Mega Bintang Indonesia. I even received a wildcard directly from the hands of MMBI Founder, Ivan Gunawan to represent East Java 3 at the Nationals,” explained Dianka.

In the near future, Dianka will complete her undergraduate studies. Then continued her Master studies. Dianka really enjoys learning new things. Coupled with an educational background in Communication Sciences, he is comfortable sharing various new things with other people.

Dianka is recorded as having achieved various achievements. These include Best Catwalk On Board Glam MMBI 2024, Winner Cooking Competition with Justus Steak House X MMBI 2024, 2nd Runner Up MMBI Jawa Timur 2024, 1st Runner Up Putri Garudeya 2023 – Tourism Ambassador of Jasa Yasa, dan ⁠Top 5 Wisata Kakang Mbakyu Tourism Ambassador of Malang City 2023.

Dianka Harissandy likes learning new things

Dianka admitted that she would continue her passion for writing by releasing her second book. In additon, she also wants to be involved in the world of entertainment, such as acting in films. She has even released her own single entitled “Make Me Your Goal (Jadikan Ku Tujuan)”.

The world of pageants has made Dianka more aware of her appearance and maintaining balance in college and career.

“From being a student on campus with a casual style, to being well-dressed from head to toe. Hair and make-up must be on-point every day. I also have to be diligent in implementing a priority scale to balance studies and career,” she said.

Luckily, Dianka has a supportive and positive environment. She can go through down-phases and process it so that she doesn’t stay down for too long. According to her, support from family and close friends is very influential. Even, it has become Dianka’s biggest inspiration up to this point.

“I want to prove to the family since all of their backgrounds are police. From grandfather, grandmother, even parents. Meanwhile, I work in the world of art, so it’s the opposite. But the feeling of wanting to prove that my dreams were worthy and the path I chose was right became my biggest inspiration to keep going,” she said.

To #UBFriends, Dianka gave the following tips and messages.

“If you want to enter the world of pageantry, first research what the foundation is like. How to provide benefits. Prepare yourself as best as possible. From knowledge, public speaking, English, and don’t forget to take care of yourself. If you want to dream, keep believing in that dream. Chase! Don’t feel like limitations are holding you back. Because everything has its own path and time,” concluded Dianka. [Hilya/Irene/ UB PR/ Trans. Iir]

Dianka received a wildcard directly from the hands of MMBI Founder, Ivan Gunawan to represent East Java 3 at the Nationals
MMBI 2024 was attended by 49 finalists from 15 provinces.