DI2B UB Meets UB Innovators with Profesional Industries

On Thursday (25/5) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) through the Directorate of Innovation and Business Incubator (DI2B) carried out activities at the Atria Hotel Malang. The activity held was titled Innovation Gathering “Strengthening the Link between Industry and University: Bridging the Gap”.

The activity was opened directly by the Vice Rector V for Research and Innovation, Prof. Unti Ludigdo was accompanied by DI2B Director, Mohammad Iqbal, S.Sos, MIB, DBA. Activities carried out aim to strengthen relations between industry and universities. One of efforts is to bring together thoughts and innovations from both parties.

DI2B also wants to show that innovation is not only limited to technology and business. The creative economy is also a very important part of the innovation ecosystem.

“We are trying to be able to bridge between innovators, industry players and investors. Therefore, we carry out this activity as the example. As a discussion media to bring together UB’s innovators with various industrial circles. The hope is that relations and cooperation will be established in the future,” said Iqbal.

Vice Rector V, Prof. Unti Ludigdo said that UB wants to strengthen the various efforts of innovators in UB. Various kinds of research and research results from UB will continue to be accompanied. UB will seriously try to bring together UB’s innovators with industry professionals.

“UB is seriously trying to find, hold and bring together industry professionals with UB innovators. The hope is that the results of UB’s innovation can be enjoyed by the wider community. It doesn’t just stop being a patent certificate,” said the professor of the Faculty of Economics and Business. [PON/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]