Dharma Wanita Persatuan UB Donates Rp. 100 Million for Disasters in Indonesia

The Head of DWP-UB Socio-Cultural Sector, Endang Suyadi accompanied by the Secretary of DWP-UB, Rosadah Agustin Syarief symbolically handed over disaster relief to representatives of the EMT UB Team.

Dharma Wanita Persatuan Universitas Brawijaya (DWP-UB) provides a grant of IDR 100 million for natural disasters that have occurred in several places in Indonesia, which are the earthquake in Mamuju, West Sulawesi, floods in South Kalimantan, and disasters in several places in West Java and East Java.

This assistance was symbolically handed over by representatives of the Head of DWP-UB, Rosadah Agustin Syarief as Secretary of DWP and Endang Suyadi as Head of Socio-Cultural Affairs to representatives of the UB Emergency Medical Team (EMT), Wednesday (27/01/2021).

Rosadah conveyed that the aid was delivered in stages, where today Rp 40 million has been distributed for the earthquake in Mamuju. Furthermore, assistance for South Kalimantan amounting to IDR 35 million, and West Java and East Java IDR 15 million and IDR 10 million, for each.

“This aid collection is coordinated by the Head of DWP-UB Head Office and each faculty. We did not target the amount. Thank God, the response was good so that it collected up to Rp. 100 million, “he said.

The Head of DWP-UB Socio-Culture Division, Endang Suyadi, said that this assistance is not the first time that DWP-UB has done. “We really support social activities. Previously, we also provided social assistance to residents affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Thank you to all DWP management for their excellent and fast response, “she said.

Meanwhile, EMT UB representative Ns. Ika Setyo Rini, M.Kep expressed her gratitude for the assistance provided by DWP-UB. “We are grateful for the assistance from DWP-UB. We will distribute this assistance directly to the victims of Mamuju earthquake, West Sulawesi through the EMT Team who is currently in Mamuju, “she concluded. [Irene/ Humas UB. Trans. Iir]