Business Administration Department is Officially Accredited by IACBE: First in Indonesia

Dean of the Faculty of Administration Sciences at Brawijaya University (FIA UB) received the honor of directly receiving accreditation certificates from the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE) in the United States on Wednesday (8/5). The certificate, which was awarded for the first time to a university in Indonesia, was handed directly to the dean by Archish “Arch” Maharaja, the Interim President of IACBE, and Laurie Yates, the Director of Accreditation IACBE. Accompanying the dean at the agenda at Framingham State University were Dr. Nur Imamah, Ph.D (Chair of the Business Administration Department) and Agung Nugroho Luthfi Imam Fahrudi, Ph.D (Chair of the IACBE Accreditation Team FIA UB).
To the FIA UB delegation, Maharaja congratulated the Department of Business Administration on its success in obtaining accreditation from his institution. This achievement is certainly historic for the world of Indonesian higher education, which for the first time has received accreditation from IACBE. Furthermore, he is ready to support and facilitate UB to collaborate with other universities worldwide that are members of IACBE. “You are now part of our family,” said Maharaja.
Meanwhile, Dean of FIA UB Prof. Drs. Andy Fefta Wijaya, MDA., Ph.D expressed gratitude for the achievement of one of the departments under his leadership. For the dean, this opens up opportunities for improving the quality of education and international cooperation at FIA UB, especially in the Department of Business Administration that manages four programs: Sarjana‘s Degree Program in Business Administration, Sarjana’s Degree Program in Taxation, Sarjana‘s Degree Program in Tourism, and Master’s Degree Program in Business Administration. “With this, our opportunities are increasing for student and faculty exchanges, research cooperation, and other academic activities within the IACBE network,” said the dean.

During the occasion, the FIA UB delegation also explored cooperation with the College of Business, Framingham State University, and Boston University. Some possible areas of cooperation discussed include faculty and student exchanges, joint research and publications, and dual degree programs.