Pharmacy Department Provides Socialization on Food Safety at Singosari Elementary School

Figure 1. Counseling for food safety cadres for grade 8 students of Bani Hasyim Islamic Middle School accompanied by Pharmacy Community Service team, FKUB Malang.

The Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine, Brawijaya University (FK UB) held a community service activity entitled Education on Food Safety and Food Additives at Bani Hasyim Islamic Middle School and Singosari 2 Middle School, Malang Regency some time ago. The aim of this activity is to form food safety cadres for junior high school students, provide food safety and food additives outreach to junior high school students in Singosari District, Malang Regency.

Chairman of the committee, apt. Bachtiar Rifai Pratita Ihsan, S. Farm., M. Farm. provide the first material regarding food safety using leaflets and posters.

This material relates to the five keys to food safety recommended by BPOM, including recognizing safe food, buying safe food, reading labels carefully, maintaining cleanliness, recording and reporting.

The second speaker, apt. Luthfi Ahmad Muchlashi, S. Farm., M. Farm. provides second material regarding permitted food additives and food additives that are not permitted for consumption.

“There are preservatives and artificial colorings that are allowed but there are also types of preservatives

Figure 2. Food safety education to security cadres of Singosari Middle School students, Malang Regency

such as formalin, dangerous dyes such as rhodamine and methanol yellow which are still misused in food,” said apt. Luthfil Ahmad.


The first activity was carried out to determine the level of understanding of food safety cadres. The evaluation results were carried out by participants completing a pretest before counseling and completing a posttest after counseling. After the counseling, a question and answer session was held between the presenters and the participants. Students from Bani Hasyim Islamic Middle School and Singosari 2 Middle School were enthusiastic about asking and answering quizzes given by the presenters.

In the next session, food safety cadres from students at SMP Islam Bani Hasyim and SMPN 2 Singosari provided counseling to fellow students in their class accompanied by the Community Service team from FKUB Pharmacy Department and grade 8 homeroom teachers.

Principal of SMPN 2 Singosari Bambang Dwi Yudo Leksono, S.Pd. and Bani Hasyim Islamic Middle School Mr. Faujan, S.Pd. fully supports activities to increase the insight and knowledge of SMPN 2 Singosari students.

Deputy Head of Curriculum at SMPN 2 Singosari, Kristanti Inawati, S.Pd. and the head of Bani Hasyim Islamic Middle School curriculum, Linata Rahma Andrini, M.Pd, hopes that community service activities at FKUB Pharmacy Department can be carried out regularly every year. (*/OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir)