Delegations Achieved International Achievements at Lyon Model United Nations

Nabila Putri Manda (Faculty of Law student class of 2023) Wearing Batik at the 2024 LYONMUN Event

Universitas Brawijaya (UB) delegates made brilliant achievements in the Lyon Model United Nations (LYONMUN) 2024 event, which was held at Universite Jean Moulin Lyon 3, Lyon, France on (22/5-25/5/2024). The success of the delegations of Universitas Brawijaya at LYONMUN 2024 not only made the name of the alma mater proud, but also made Indonesia’s name increased globally.

The LYONMUN activity is a simulation of a United Nations (UN) session involving students from various countries in the world, including France, Indonesia, Turkey and Spain, by taking on the role of delegates from a country, and collaborating in finding solutions to current global issues.

UB Delegates Participates in Lyon Model United Nations 2024

Universitas Brawijaya is the first state university in Indonesia to have the opportunity to send a delegation to LYONMUN. UB delegates consisted of four students from across faculties, namely Nabila Putri Manda (FH); Putri Alyaa Safira (FISIP); Muhammad Rafi Arkansyah (FT); and Aliya Muzayyanatul Husna (FT).

In the LYONMUN event, UB delegates were divided into two councils, namely the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) represented by Nabila and Rafi, and the World Health Organization (WHO) represented by Putri and Aliya.

Topics at the INTERPOL council discussed the themes Combating Child Trafficking within Transnational Networks and Leveraging the International Police Training System with Capacity Building Projects, while at the WHO council discussed the themes Accommodating the Healthcare System with Emergency Responses in Times of Conflict and Highlighting the Mental Distress Problems of Individuals Living with Disabilities in International Public Policies.

Delegates in the WHO council managed to take home the award as Best Delegates.

Nabila Putri Manda, a student at UB Faculty of Law, expressed the experiences and challenges she faced while participating in this activity.

“Apart from being the only delegate from Indonesia, I felt a special challenge because I had to learn diplomacy with delegations from other countries and being the only delegate from the Asian region. This is a challenge because of the many language and cultural differences that are felt, but seeing a supportive and mutually respectful environment, I actually made this challenge a stepping stone to gain an unforgettable experience while sitting at lectures,” said Nabila.

UB Delegation Visits the Indonesian Embassy in Paris with Mrs. Luh Anik Mayani, as Education and Cultural Attache of the Indonesian Embassy in Paris

In addition to competing, UB delegation also had the opportunity to visit the Republic of Indonesia Embassy in Paris and the Permanent Delegation of the Republic of Indonesia to UNESCO. The delegation’s presence was welcomed by Mrs. Luh Anik Mayani, Education and Culture Attaché, who expressed her pride in the participation of Indonesian students in the international arena.

She also advised UB delegation to maintain the good name of Indonesia and introduce Indonesian culture by using batik as a traditional cloth.

“Continue to maintain the good name of Indonesia, preserve and introduce Indonesian culture by using batik as a traditional Indonesian cloth. Warm greetings and respect to all levels of Universitas Brawijaya,” said Mrs. Anik.

UB Delegation and Delegations from Other Countries at the 2024 LYONMUN Event

Nabila also said that a unique experience when she was at Lyon Model United Nations 2024 Paris was the interest of delegates from other countries who really admired batik and culture in Indonesia.

“Many delegates from other countries are interested in Indonesian culture. I exchange languages very often ​​and teach Indonesian and introduce Indonesian batik cloth. In addition, several delegates from France expressed their enjoyment of the beautiful region of Indonesia because they often visit several tourist destinations in Indonesia such as Bali and Lombok,” said Nabila.

For future UB delegates, Nabila hopes that they can give the best performance in participating in this competition and make the nation proud.

“Hopefully the next delegation can give their best performance while taking part in this competition and make the nation proud by maintaining good manners and being a good representation of the nation in the eyes of the world,” said Nabila. (RMA/FH PR/OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir)