UB Delegation Wins Award in Tanoto Student Research Award

The delegation of Universitas Brawijaya (UB) won 13 gold medals, seven silver medals and three bronze medals through the innovation of technology-based educational aids in the Tanoto Student Research Award (TSRA) in early November at the CRCS Building ITB.

In this competition, one of the delegates from UB, Raehan Kamaludin Sigit, collaborated with cross-university students, namely UI, IPB, ITB, and UNDIP to make a prototype of an educational aid called Jalan-Jalan Keliling Nusantara (JALANUSA).

“JALANUSA is a technology-based board game innovation. In the manufacturing process we use an ultrasonic sensor that utilizes Arduino uno as a servo motor controller, so that when a player’s pawn touches a province’s box, it will automatically display information about the culture of that region on the monitor screen.

The game system, when the player stops on the game board which symbolizes an area, will later bring up information about the culture of that area, after that there will be questions that must be answered by the player so that the player can continue the game,” said the FPIK student.

Raehan added, the concept of TSRA this year was different compared to last year because it was required to be able to collaborate with friends from five Mitra Tanoto universities.

Besides Raehan, several collaborations between UB students and other universities that won medals include TERANA: Website-based Learning Media Package for Deaf Students, Voice Recognition, LKS, and Flashcards made by Andi Alifsyah Dyasham (FILKOM) and the team won gold medals; Nusantara Interactive Puzzle made by Alifah Rahmayani Murini (FTP) and the team won silver; and the Asia Map of Relief and Audio-Based Interactive as a Learning Media for the Blind by Arindra Yoga Datasa Putri and the team (FKH) who won a bronze medal.

The Tanoto Student Research Award (TSRA) is a program initiated by the Tanoto Foundation as a contribution in developing individual potential, building a strong generation of future Indonesian leaders, improving the quality of education, and improving people’s lives.

TSRA 2022 is a student innovation competition to offer real solutions for society in an increasingly challenging and rapidly changing world. TSRA 2022 is being held with Bandung Institute of Technology in the form of an Interdisciplinary Capstone Design Challenge activity. (TSRA, 2022)

TSRA 2022 is carried out in the form of multidisciplinary collaboration. Each group will consist of students from different tertiary institutions and study programs, and include a mix of science, technology, arts, social and humanities midwives. The whole group was challenged to combine various disciplines in creating a solution (interdisciplinary) to solve a problem by thinking across boundaries (thinking across boundaries). The final results of the TSRA 2022 activities are realized in the form of prototypes of innovative products (TSRA, 2022).

After participating in the ICDC TSRA activities for five months, delegators were equipped with new knowledge outside the scope of their majors through the Interdiciplinary Design Virtual Course, which is a scheduled online lecture activity that provides knowledge, insight, and experience on how to think and build solutions using an interdisciplinary design approach. The material provided covers strategies for building effective teams, developing ideas and innovations, analyzing strategies for decision making, engineering processes, building start-ups to marketing strategies. Materials are provided by lecturers, researchers, experts, and practitioners who have a strong track record in their respective fields.

UB sent 24 of the best delegates from various faculties namely; Andi Alifsyah Dyasham (FILKOM), Maisya Khoirunni’mah (FIKES), Muhammad Helmi Yahya (FILKOM), Muh. Nastain (FISIP), Niken Aria Putri Aprilia (FISIP), Yudika Putra Perdana Pangaribuan (FT), Meita Putri Delima (FPIK), Zulfikar Dabby Anwar (FP), Mohamad Maulidan (FP), Rhobithotus Mufidah (FPIK), Rifda Muthia Zahra (FIA), Triyana Sinta Dewi (FK), Ahmad Fahrudin Husen (FAPET), Alifah Rahmayani Murini (FTP), Aditya Bayu Pratama (FT), Sularso (FAPET), Johannes Marulitua Nainggolan (FMIPA), Athallah Nisrina Amanda (FKG) , Raehan Kamaludin Sigit (FPIK PSDKU), Muhammad Haidar Hafizh (FEB), M. Abdurrahman Husain Al Habsyi (FH), Arindra Yoga Datasa Putri (FKH), Ahmad Syarwani (FMIPA). [*/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir].