conFLOWsation Water Day 2024 Encourages Multi-stakeholder Collaboration to Overcome the Raw Water Crisis

conFLOWsation Water Day 2024 gandeng pemerintah dan LSM Kota Malang

Delivering peace through water is not just a concept, but a mission that is carried out seriously by various parties. This was proven at the 2024 Water Day conFLOWsation event, which was held at the Open Public Space Malang Creative Center on February 25, 2024.

With the theme Delivering Peace Through Water, this event is a stage for multi-stakeholder collaboration in dealing with the increasingly urgent raw water crisis.

This activity was chaired by Firjatullah Beryl Achmad with Orin Syakira Syila DK as the person in charge of the event, and Prof. Dr. Ir. Ussy Andawayanti, MS., IPM., ASEAN Eng., as Supervisor.

Participating in this event were various components, including government agencies, private agencies, academics, and NGOs, who came together to discuss the challenges of water availability in Greater Malang.

The discussions held at this event raised two main topics. First, the Potential and Threats of Water Availability for the Community, which discusses the quality and quantity of raw water in Greater Malang as well as related social problems.

The second topic is the Role of the Community and Government in Overcoming Water Availability Problems for the Community, which discusses community participation in raw water management and government policies related to this.

This event aims to provide a forum for the community and policymakers to discuss water availability issues. Through community meetings, electronic media campaigns and print media campaigns, conFLOWsation delivers educative and solution materials.

“The aim is to build better communication between the community and policymakers regarding water availability issues,” said Orin.

This 2022 Water Engineering student concluded that water problems require close collaboration between various parties.

“Only with long-term commitment and cross-sector cooperation can we overcome this increasingly urgent raw water crisis,” she concluded. (mic)